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What is coding?

"Coding" is the act of writing a "script" in a pre-definedprogramming language for a program to execute. There are many typesof programming languages, which all exhibit different functions andsyntax of commands. ~Sincerely, AppGod Development

What are ZIP codes and area codes?

ZIP code (Zone Improvement Plan) is a method of dividing the United States into numbered segments to facilitate delivery of mail and packages. Area Codes are the three-digit prefixes to the standard seven-digit local telephone number to designate areas of the country by number.

Code for webkinz code shop?

buy the animal.... the animal comes with a code..... when in webkinz.com click new member...... answer everything... when it comes to the code look at the code that came with the webkinz toy and type it in.

How do you get a code for the code shop on webkinz?

You can buy Webkinz products like lip gloss, book marks, and other things. When you buy one, there's a code on it. type it in the box, and you get your prize. Go the store locator to find out where you can get a code to unlock. Click "other products", then find a store near you that sells Webkinz th ( Full Answer )

How do you get Codes for code of the samuria?

The codes for Code of the Samurai are as follows: 1.justice,2.purity, 3.compassion, 4.courage, 5.valor, and 6.honor. Code ofthe Samurai was released in 2005.

Webkinz codes for the code shop?

You have to go to a store that sells webkinz, webkinz clothes, etc., then after you have bought it, you can go to the code shop and put in the code and get the prize.

Codes for the webkinz code shop?

Whoa kid, NOBODY, I mean,NOBODY is going give you an actual code to use at the code shop. To get one you should go to Hallmark or some other Webkinz Retailer. If you search on Google, Bing, and other search engines for a webkinz code shop code , all your really going to find is some made up code ( Full Answer )

What is a code?

A code is a method of sending a message in such a way that it cannot be read by someone who doesn't know how to decode it. A code can also be a system of letters and/or numbers to shorten an address such as a post code or zip code. Or a prefix to a phone number called a dialing code. Or a book ( Full Answer )

Codes for webkinz code shop?

It's impossible. But I guess you could try not playing as much, and not buying so many pets. And personally, I think it's OK to be addicted for now. Over time you won't be as interested in Webkinz. Until then, just enjoy it!

What does the genetic code in a gene code for?

For a coding gene, the sequence of DNA bases describes the amino acid sequence that will result in a protein or enzyme. However, there are many parts of the total genome that do not directly code for proteins. These regions are involved in gene expression regulation.

On Club Penguin what is the code for 'i have a code'?

You need to buy a club penguin product from the shops and you get a code or if you click i have a book and enter one of the codes of this page http://clubpenguincp.com/club-penguin-book-codes/secret-agent-handbook/

What is the code for the ar code?

an ar code is something you can use to get hacks for your Nintendo ds light and nintend o dsi to help you beat games like Pokemon and other game s PS check my website http://hacksforhacks.webs.com/apps/forums/topics/show/2064168-ar-codes

What are the lyrics to come on eileen by dexys midnight runners?

Poor old Johnny Ray Sounded sad upon the radio, he moved a million hearts in mono. Our mothers cried and sang along and who'd blame them. Now you're grown, so grown, now I must say more than ever. Go Toora Loora Toora Loo-Rye-Aye and we can sing just like our fathers. Come on Eileen, ( Full Answer )

A code to reuse codes for meez?

The trick has nothing to do with coinz. You can send a message to Roscoe_Meez or any of them. They WILL send you back. But in the message, put Your Username, Your Password, and the reason you are sending them. Yes they already know your user and password, but its for protection. The reason you are s ( Full Answer )

A webkinz code shop code?

you have to buy things(that you're probably never going to use) at the webkinz stores. where? on the internet or in malls because they have little shops around stonestown. BYE!

What are the code car codes?

If you are referring to fault codes stored by the ECU (computer), they are codes indication what part of the vehicle has a problem and what part is being effected by the problem. It can be an emissions problem, transmission problem, or other problem.

What is the code for the master code ruby?

if you wont to use a secred code you have to get the master code for ruby.. =>vba>cheats>cheat list>game schark==>use your master code and you can use a secred code!:)

Is binary code the source code?

No. In short, binary code is the code your computer executes, it can be in many forms, ranging from bytecode, which must be interpreted, but is pre-compiled to machine code, which is directly run by the system, and is generally specific to a particular system. Source code is the code of the program, ( Full Answer )

What is a you have a code code on Club Penguin?

Ok, now, I am going to give you coin codes and other codes. Coin codes: . DECNLR10 JUNNLR11 MMCODE11 MMCODE13 . 500 coins 500 coins 500 coins 2500 coins. February 2012. TOGETHER BIGWHITE SHRIMP64 . 500 coins 500 coins 500 coins. March 2012. J6YELLOW HADDOCK7 ARCTIC2 ( Full Answer )

What is the sic code for code 541510?

541510 is the NAICS code for "Computer systems design &related services." It is similar to other codes such as 541511,"Custom Computer Programming Services" and 541512 , "ComputerSystems Design Services." . SIC codes do not match one-to-one with NAICS codes, so you willwant to check for a match dep ( Full Answer )

What is byte code and native code?

native code is machine code each machine has its won set of istruction one machine's native code won't run on another While bytecode is what java produces and it can run on any machine. when we run bytecode it first get to compile to machine code and then get to run.

Is your postal code your zip code?

Many countries use codes to speed the processing of mail. In the US (and a few other countries due to the influence of the US), these codes are called zip codes. (ZIP was originally an acronym for "Zone Improvement Program".) In most countries they're called "postal codes". So, if you live in the ( Full Answer )

What is the code with the?

To get a code you need to buy a magic@fileonline.com book. Find a code inside and here`s mine:20167

What is code 5521 police code?

It is unclear just exactly what "code" the questioner is referring to, however - (in the US) there are no universally recognized police codes. . Law enforcement agencies and the judicial system are full of numerical codes, alpha-numeric designations, and acronyms and abbreviations that are unique ( Full Answer )

Justinian code and code of Hammurabi?

The code of Hammurabi-(Code of laws designed to keep social order) This code revolved around the concept of social classes. For example, "An eye for an eye" under this code means that if a noble were to get his eye poked out, the person who poked his eye out would then have her eye poked out. Howe ( Full Answer )

What are the codes to wizard101 redeem a code?

i like to say this but all codes are one time use now sorry i want codes to but kings isle stepped up its game K545D-LL49L-24L9M-8L886 Redeem this at www.wizard101.com/friend

What are the codes for the codes shop on webkinz?

When you buy a card pack of webkinz cards it will have a "code card" and it will give up to 5 codes on it and you can go into the code shop on webkinz and enter them to get prizes

What is a code special code on aqw?

There are two codes for the gaming site"AQW"... They are Thirteen1 and oicu812 you can access the woman by going to the battle on square town and click on valencia and type them in Also i have used these myself and see what you get Good luck with the game onwards beginers and masters o ( Full Answer )

Is ifsc code is a branch code?

IFSC code is not the branch code. IFSC is nothing but IndianFinancial System Code, which is an alphaneumeric code. It uniquelyidentifies a bank and its branch, participating in NEFT and RTGS,online fund transfer process. If you to execute online fundtransfer process and looking for required IFSC cod ( Full Answer )

What is Maragtas code and kalantiaw code?

The Code of Kalantiaw was the legal code in the book The AncientLegends of the Island of Negros. The Code of Maragtas is alegendary document that said there was ten Bornean datus that cameto the island of Panay to get away from the tyranny.

What are the codes to Code Lyoko?

Aelita enters the codes in a tower. The codes are: LYOKO for deactivating a red tower that has been activated by XANA for attacks on Earth. XANA for deleting a sector In Episode 78 , William enters code XANA and takes over the tower that the Skid has been docking.

What is genetic code what does it code for and what are the letters of the code?

The genetic code is the sequence of nucleotides (represented by letters) found on DNA (or RNA). This codes for functional products (proteins) which determine the functions of cells. The genetic code, interacting with an organism's environment, determines the physical traits of that organism. T ( Full Answer )

What is the code for HeroMart Prize Code?

NO one will ever tell you the code, unless you buy it from HeroMart or someone does for you, which is a doubt though. Also, the code only can be used once. After it's used, it can no longer be used unless you buy another package from HeroMart. (Aslong as it comes with a code for an in-game item priz ( Full Answer )

What did code talkers do when their code was cracked?

Usually the main code words would change every three days, but if during this three day period there was an indication that the code was cracked the would have a fall back code. It was not unuaual to have 10 to 15 code types for just those instances.

What is the code for Poptropica the new code?

firstly this is 2012 . and the promo code for poptropica is bignick68824 ,lulucosmo64451,0113776224481,19283746556478291,lukynucky, luckynucky684,lumber99tofee77 thats all falks come back next year in 2013 to find out more remember im only coming back in a year (365days and a 1/4) they will ( Full Answer )

Is there a code for space in Morse code?

The space between words is a quiet gap having an interval of fivedots in length. It is not possible to send consecutive spaces inMorse code, there must always be a "word" between spaces.

Why gray code is reflective code?

gray code is reflective because 9's complement of any number and 1,s complement of code is same i.e 0 reflect 9 1 reflect 8

What is the code to code breaker on Lego?

look at the trees on the right side and you'll find a piece of paper. Click on it and copy the code.(hint:did you see the hint bar?)

Are these codes web codes?

They might be or they might not be. Since there are no codes displayed in the question, you can not tell.

Which are famous songs of the Dexys Midnight Runners?

Dexys Midnight Runners, an English pop band, became well known in the early to mid 1980's. The two songs that brought them fame during the time were "Come on Eileen" and "Geno". Both reaching number one on the UK Singles Chart.

How does code signing authenticate your code?

Code signing is a way for programmers and other software authors to protect the authenticity of their products and files. It involves several features within the programming language environment including the use of a cryptographic hash or other check-sum methods.

What movie and television projects has Dexys Midnight Runners been in?

Dexys Midnight Runners has: Played Themselves in "Top of the Pops" in 1964. Played Themselves - Musical Guests in "Saturday Night Live" in 1975. Played Themselves - Musical Guest in "No 73" in 1982. Played Themselves in "The Young Ones" in 1982. Played Themselves in "The Footy Show" in 1994. Played ( Full Answer )