What is the code to unlock a head phone on clubpenguin?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: What is the code to unlock a head phone on clubpenguin?
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What is the code for bunny ears on clubpenguin?

bunny head

What is the code to unlock epf gears in club penguin?

The code is: EPFAGENT Enter it to unlock an EPF head visor.

How do you unlock the pumpkin head in club penguin 2011?

You click unlock items online enter this code: pumpkin1 Then you check your inventory and there it is!

How do you break security code of 1202 nokia mobile?

head phone code plzzzzzz

Unlock head in Halo 3?

Unlock what head?

Where do you get to the pumpkin head on club penguin?

Go to the "Unlock Items" page and click "I have a code", type in pumpkin1!

How do you get in herberts HQ clubpenguin?

you hit a read butten on the right of the E.P.F head qurters

How do you unlock devil head soccer?

You have to pay $0.99 U.S dollars to unlock him

How do you unlock the secret Saints Row 2 mission?

you go to the police station and listen to the three phone recordings. you then go into an office in the same room and pick up a file which gives you Dex's phone number. Phone that number and head to the old church

Where do you go to get the pumpkin head on club penguin?

go on unlock items online and click i have a code. enter pumpkin1. visit for all the book codes :)

How do I unlock the radio on a 2001 MB clk430 What are or what is the code Thank you?

Call a MB dealership and give them you vin # and they'll be able to look it up in the national database, or you would have to take out your whole radio and look in the back of the head unit

Why wont your head phone work?

Maybe the wires of your head phone are damaged...