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On February 13, 1905, the coldest day in Missouri had taken place at Warsaw. The temperature was a whopping -40oF!

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Q: What is the coldest day ever recorded in Missouri?
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What is the coldest recorded temperature for Colorado?

The coldest day ever recorded in Colorado was February 1, 1985. The temperature recorded on that day was -61 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is the coldest subject ever recorded on Earth?

The coldest thing ever recorded on Earth is definitely Liquid Nitrogen! In fact the lowest temperature recorded of this substance was minus 237.90 degrees centigrade! As hot as Pluto's hottest recorded day. Hope this information came in useful to you.

What was the coldest day ever recorded in South Dakota?

The lowest temperature ever recorded in South Dakota was -58 degrees Fahrenheit on February 17, 1936.

What was the coldest day at Disney World?

As of the Winter of 2013, the coldest temperature ever recorded in Orlando Florida, was 19 degrees on January 21st 1985.

When was the cooldest day in Wisconsin?

The coldest day ever officially recorded in Wisconsin was -55° F at Couderay on Feb. 4, 1996.

What was the coldest day ever recorded in Perth?

July 7 1916 was the coldest day on record for Perth at 1.2 degrees Celsius however this was perhaps beaten in 1998 on the June 27 at 0.0 degrees Celsius.

Boston coldest windchill ever recorded?

When I was in Boston on the New Year's eve,last day of 1996,the windchill was -40 in boston

What is the temperature difference between the hottest and coldest days?

The Hottest day in the world officially recorded was 56.7 degrees Celsius. The coldest day in the world ever recorded was -89.2 degrees Celsius. If you subtract, or find the difference, you get 145.9 degrees Celsius, because 56.7-(-89.2)=145.9

Was the coldest day recorded in shropshire?

The coldest day recorded within England and Wales was recorded at Edgmond, in Shropshire, on January 10, 1982. The temperature measured -26.1 degrees Celsius (-14.98 degrees Fahrenheit).

What is the coldest day in Seattle?

The coldest day ever in Seattle was December 31, 1950. It was 0 °F!

What is the coldest temperature ever recorded in Wisconsin?

The lowest minimum temperature ever recorded in Wisconsin was on February 2nd and 4th of 1996, when a temperature of -55 F was recorded at Couderay, Wisconsin. Incidentally, that is the record for the coldest temperature ever recorded in the US, east of the Mississippi River. Now, strictly speaking, that would have been the coldest night in Wisconsin on record. I couldn't find the lowest maximum temperature record for Wisconsin, but I did find that the high temp in Eau Claire on February 2, 1996 was -19 F. That's a pretty cold day, even by Wisconsin standards.

Sydneys coldest day?

sydneys lowest recorded temperature is 5.2oc