What is the collective noun for nouns with a to z?

Examples of collective nouns:

abandonment of orphans

absence of waiters

army of ants

army of frogs

ascension of larks

bag of tricks

bale of turtles

band of angels

band of coyotes

band of gorillas

band of muscians

band of pirates

bank of elevators

barrel of monkeys

barren of mules

bask of alligators

bed of oysters

bench of magistrates

bevy of beauties

bevy of quails

blessing of unicorns

block of flats

board of directors

body of pathologists

bouquet of flowers

brace of ducks

brace of pheasants

brood of hens

bunch of grapes

bushel of corn

bushel of crabs

caravan of camels

chain of mountains

charm of finches

charm of hummingbirds

chest of drawers

class of students

cloud of grasshoppers

cluster of stars

clutch of eggs

collection of stamps

colony of ants

colony of beavers

colony of penguins

company of actors

company of owls

congregation of crocodiles

congress of baboons

convocation of eagles

coven of witches

covey of quail

crew of sailors

den of thieves

fleet of cars

fleet of ships

flight of cormorants

flock of birds

flock of sheep

flock of tourists

gaggle of geese

gang of hoodlums

group of onlookers

herd of buffalo

host of sparrows

kindle of kittens

knot of toads

litter of puppies

mob of kangaroos

murder of crows

murmuration of starlings

nest of snakes

network of computers

pack of wolves

pack of cards

pack of cigarettes

pack of gum

pack of lies

pack of wolves

panel of experts

pod of porpoises

pod of whales

posse of lawmen

pride of peacocks

pride of lions

school of fish

sedge of cranes

shoal of minnows

stable of horses

string of ponies

swarm of bees

swarm of eels

swarm of flies

team of mules

team of oxen

team of players

troop of scouts

troop of soldiers

troupe of acrobats

troupe of minstrels

warren of rabbits

Note: There is not a collective noun for every letter from A to Z.