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What is the color amber?


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The Color Amber is light brown and a little red.

And it is a rock.


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Yes, that's where the color amber got its name.

There isn't an opposite for the color amber!

i like the color amber

Amber is a color that ends with A

Amber is a golden yellow.

What is the wave length of amber & yellow colour

yellow or an amber color

Amber is a color. Auburn is a color.

Amber (which is a brown color).

house of amber = casa de color ámbar

Hi amber is found in different varieties with different colors.

The mosquito was stuck in the amber. (hardened tree sap)An amber light means caution. (the color yellow)

The material is "ámbar", the color "ambarino".

unknown yellow or amber

They're amber. Originally they were supposed to be blue, but became amber due to a coloring error.

Actually, most of the really red amber you see on the market is fake. Amber can be reddish naturally but it is usually gold to brown in color. Genuine amber is hardened tree sap. Amber from the Baltic sea area is harder and older than the amber from South America which is called "copal amber".

Amber is fossilized tree resin. It came from coniferous trees that are now extinct. Amber is typically a deep yellow color.

ámbar (the mineral). ambar(the color)

Honey is usually referred to as amber or gold.

Amber, marigold, or mango.

green or orange or amber

Translation: l'ambre (both the color and the resin)

Leafpool's eyes are amber in colour.

Her favorite color is purple.

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