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The Color Amber is light brown and a little red.

And it is a rock.

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Q: What is the color amber?
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Is amber the color of amber?

Yes, that's where the color amber got its name.

What is the opposote of the color amber?

There isn't an opposite for the color amber!

What is a sentence for amber?

i like the color amber

What color does amber and black make?

Dark amber.

What does Amber mean in the phrase Amber waves of grain?

Amber, in this case, is an adjective used to describe the grain. Amber is a color - a kind of gold-ish yellow. Fields usually ripen into an amber color, hence "amber waves of grain".

What does the color amber looke like?

Amber is a golden yellow.

What color ends in a A?

Amber is a color that ends with A

What color is apple juice?

yellow or an amber color

What color do you call a brownish yellow color?


What is the name a color beginning with the letter A?

Amber is a color. Auburn is a color.

What is the wavelength of amber color?

What is the wave length of amber & yellow colour

In the book Amber Brown is feeling Blue what color does Amber wear for Halloween?


What color is amber's streak?

well, I believe that an amber's streak is white. :)

How do you say House of Amber in Spanish?

house of amber = casa de color ámbar

What color is Tweety's beak?

Amber .

What color are the Cullen's eyes?


What color is Nick eyes?


What color are greystripe's eyes?


What color eyes does Dylan have?


What does the color amber look like?

Hi amber is found in different varieties with different colors.

What color is amber light?

The color Amber comes in a range. Usually within the yellow-orange-brown family. When it gives off light, it is usually a lighter color of the stone being used.

What does the amber waves of grain mean?

Amber is a color. It is a yellow orangish color. And if you have ever seen a grain of weat it is close to that color. The composer of this song is picturing a field of grain waving in the wind!

What color is Charmy Bee's eyes?


Color that starts with A?

Amber, auburn, ash

What is the color of an amber?

Kind of dark red.