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they have many colors

from brown to red to gray & even black

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2010-06-21 18:41:37
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Q: What is the color of Timber Wolves?
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Are gray wolves and timber wolves the same species?

No Grey wolves and timber wolves are not the same.

Are gray wolves or timber wolves more popular in Canada?

Grey wolves and Timber Wolves are the same.

How many timber wolves were in Wisconsin in 1957?

there were no timber wolves in Wisconsin (0)

What is the color of timber and gray wolf's eyes?

The eye color of Timber and Gray wolves' eyes is green. This depends on the parents' genes though, but mostly green or a blackish brown.

Who would win between 2 timber wolves or 3 Great Danes?

The timber wolves.

How fast can a timber wolf run?

Timber wolves or grey wolves can run up to 35mph.

What is the difference between timber wolf and red wolf?

The Timber Wolf, or Grey Wolf, is larger and thicker in coat than Red Wolves. Also, the Timber wolf is mostly grey and the Red wolf is more of a reddish brown color. Timber Wolves can be found more North like in Canada and Red Wolves are more South like in Mexico.

Are gray wolves and timber wolves the same?

Yes, in fact, the timber wolf is another name for the grey wolves. (wolves are awesome)- uh, no they are most certianly not! Timber wolves are just a little bit um.. well.. awesomer, I guess!

What wolves are in Wolf's Rain?

Siberian Timber wolves

Are timber wolves extinct?


What is the difference between timber wolves and brush wolves?

Timber Wolves are actually a species of wolf. Brush Wolves are just common Coyotes. It's just a 'nickname' for them.

Is a timber wolf a carnivore?

Yes timber wolves are a carnivore.

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