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amethyst is normally purple the darker the higher the value

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What impurties give amethyst it's color?

Iron gives amethyst its purple color.

What element gives amethyst its purple color?

Iron gives amethyst it's color.

What is the color amethyst?

Amethyst is a violet/purplish version of quartz.

Is Lt amethyst a kind of pearl?

Light amethyst is a color. A pearl can be that color, but it is not a specific kind of pearl.

What does an ametrine stone look like?

It has two shades of color [half amethyst and half citrine] 1) violet (color of amethyst stone) 2) yellow (color of citrine stone) amethyst+citrine = ametrine half amethyst and half citrine

What is SiO2 for amethyst?


How are amethyst and quatz different?

Amethyst is quartz that contains an impurity that imparts the purple color. The impurity in amethyst is iron.

What does amethyst look like?

An amethyst is purple or another color depending on the variety.

Is amethyst carbon based?

No. Amethyst is a color variety of quartz, which is silicon dioxide.

Is amethyst an adjective?

Only if it is used as a color. Otherwise, an amethyst is a gem, which is a noun.

What minerals are in amethyst?

Amethyst is the purple variety of quartz. Quartz is Silicon Dioxide SiO2. The color comes from trace elements of manganese/Iron Oxide Fe2O3. To get the best color and best uniform color amethyst is heated.

What is the cause of the colour in an amethyst?

The cause of the color in a Amethyst is depended a the impurities found in the gem.

What color is the amethyst streak?

white :)

What stone is purple color?


What color is amethyst?

Amethyst's Color- Is a violet variety of quartz. Although the stone is typically violet, there are also varieties of green amethyst quartz, also known as prasiolite.Purple Amethyst is also the Birthstone color of The month February.

Which flower can be the same color as amethyst?


What is the color of amethyst?

light or dark purple

What color is the stone amethyst?

Violet and purplish (:

What is the most popular color of quartzite?


What is a sentence using the word amethyst?

Amethyst is a type of mineral, and is also a purple color. Her ring has a large amethyst in the center. The amethyst robes of the choir look good against the dark walls.

Is amethyst related to rocks and minerals?

Amethyst is a variety of the mineral quartz that derives its color from impurities of iron.

Are quartz and amethyst the same?

Yes, amethyst is quartz with a small amount of manganese which causes the purple color.

How much does amethyst cost?

The price of a specimen of amethyst will depend on its size, trimming or faceting, clarity, and aesthetic appeal.

Is there more than one color of Amethyst?

No, amethyst refers to the mineral quartz when it has impurities which cause a purple color. Other colors of quartz have different names.

What is feburary's birthstone color?

The classic birthstone for February is amethyst - a variety of purple quartz. The classic color of the best amethyst is vibrant purple crossing to violet.