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What is the color of a clam?

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pinkish brown

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What color is a male clam?

a male clam is usually a pinkish brown color.

Do clam change color?

no they do not

What color is the inside muscle of a clam?


What color is a clam?

There are many different types of clam So there is a large variety of colours yellow, dark blue, white, and grey being among them

What color is tarn?

bluish, light blue, or something blue in resemblance like the color of the lake or clam sea in high noon.

What is a sign that a clam is in the area clam?

You will see a clam.

What does a clam start of as?

a clam

Is a manila clam a fresh water clam?

No, the manila clam is saltwater.

Are pearls only white?

No. Pearls can be many diffrent colors. The color depends on the type of clam that produces them.

Can a clammed clam clam?

YES! I think... They can also clam up! -Happily!

What is a baby clam?

a baby clam

Is a clam a fish?

No a Clam is a mollusk.

What animal lives in a clam?

A Clam!

What is an animal ending with am?


What is the common name of the clam?


What makes a hole in a clam?

Clam predators. Often other molluscs, such as snails or another clam will make a hole in a clam shell.

The giant 'what' is the biggest shellfish?

The giant clam!The giant clam is indeed the largest shellfish.the father clam is the biggest clam

What shell is possessed by a clam?

A clam shell

Is a clam a shellfish?

Yes, a clam is a shellfish.

What is clam in Latin?

Unio- freshwater clam

Maxima clam or crocea clam?


What is a clam that lives in the ocean?

every clam

How do I remove a pearl from a clam?

you have to crack the clam

What is the function of the clam foot?

The clam foot allows the clam to move slowly or burrow themself in the sand.

What is the Possessive form word clam shell?

Possessive form of the words clam shell: clam shell's

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