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Q: What is the color of the flame of a mixture of nitrogen and hydrogen?
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What color is hydrogen in flame test?

hydrogen color flame test is purple due to the acids and element combinationa

What color flame test does autumn potassium give?


What is the color of the flame when hydrogen is burn?

It burns a distinct bright orange/red color which is unique to hydrogen alone.

What are three examples of qualitative?

- test of chlorine in water - test of sodium in a mixture by flame test - test of hydrogen sulphide in a gas mixture

What is color of hydrogen?

pale blue or almost invisible. you can see hydrogen combusting from the reactors' explosion in Japan

When sodium is put in water it produces a golden flame why?

Metallic sodium reacts with water producing sodium hydroxide, hydrogen gas, and lots of heat. The hydrogen gas mixes with air and the heat ignites this mixture. Small amounts of sodium atoms are carried up into the flame, where the heat ionizes them. As these excited ions relax back to their ground state they emit yellow/golden color photons, giving the flame its hue.

What is the weakest flame?

hydrogen flame

Why fire is blue in color?

the fire has two flames.the upper oxidative flame and the lower reductive flame.the reductive flame seems to blue because of hydrogen.

What makes a flame?


Does flame reacts with hydrogen gas?

Technically, no. "Flame" doesn't "react" with anything. Hydrogen gas is flammable, though.

What happens to the color of the flame if you open the air mixture valve wide open?

The flame itself will get bigger/hotter, and the amount of 'blue' increases. Depending on the type of burner, it may or may not increase proportionately with the total flame size.

What is the color of the flame of mercury?

The color of Mercury in flame is red.