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This is a common misunderstanding. There is no language that is a combination of German and Hebrew. You're clearly talking about Yiddish, but Yiddish is not a combination of German and Hebrew.

Yiddish is a old dialect of high German. The confusion lies with the fact that there are many borrowed words from 11 different languages including some Hebrew words, and it is written with the Hebrew alphabet. But other than the alphabet and a few borrowed words, Hebrew plays no role in Yiddish.

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Q: What is the combination of German and Hebrew is known as?
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Is hauannakah a german holiday?

"Hanukkah" is not a German word, but comes from Hebrew. It is an eight day holiday known as the Festival of Lights.

Does the German word Zeit as in Jahrzeit have any meaning in Hebrew?

No. In German it means "time" but it has no meaning in Hebrew.

What are German and Hebrew names during World War 2?

German and Hebrew names were the same during World War II as they were before (or after) the war.

What is the Hebrew word for July?

All of the secular months in Hebrew come from the German language. So July is Yooli (יולי)(spelled Juli in German)

What is the German translation for the word Luke?

Luke is a Greek name. It has no meaning in Hebrew. But you can spell it לוק

Is sharp a German Jewish name?

There is no German Jewish name (or German): Sharp. I believe there is no such German word, at least because of the combination SH. In German it is written: SCH.but, the name Scharf (means: sharp in German and Yiddish) is well-known in Jewish People.

Is schonthaler a Hebrew name?

No. It appears to be European name, possibly German or German-Jewish.

Is shaffer a Hebrew name?

No, Shaffer is not Hebrew name. It is a German name that comes from the Middle High German name "schæfære" meaning "shepherd".

What does the name Wanda mean in Hebrew?

The name Wanda doesn't come from Hebrew, so it has no Hebrew meaning. (Only Hebrew names have Hebrew meanings). You can spell "Wanda" ואנדהWanda is a German name that refers to a group of Slavic people who once lived in Germany.

What is the Hebrew word for daddy when referring to God?

In Hebrew, God is never referred to as "daddy". The closest word would be avinu (אבינו) which means "our father".

Is there anything about Jehovah in the Bible?

Jehovah was the German translation of a Hebrew name for God - Yahweh (originally spelt 'YHWH'). The word Jehovah entered the English language from German in the nineteenth century and is now so well accepted that some believe it to have come direct from Hebrew. The name Yahweh is to be found in the Hebrew scriptures in parts of the Pentateuch written by the writer now known as the 'Yahwist'.

What is the Hebrew name for Allison?

There is no Hebrew meaning of Allison. It's a Germanic name, so it only has meaning in Old German.There is no Hebrew meaning of Allison. It's a Germanic name, so it only has meaning in Old German. But you can spell it אליסון