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Word root with combining vowels makes up the combining form.

A word root and a combining vowel.

Combing form is the root of a word. This is a medical word.

A combining form makes use of a word root, and vowels.

Combining forms consist of a word root and a vowel. For example, cardi/o, where cardi is the word root and o is the "combining" vowel.

Suffix, word root (or combining form), prefix.

1. Root Word2. Prefixes3. Suffixes4. Combining VowelsWord rootCombining formSuffixPrefix

It is necessary to use a combining vowel when joining two root words. This is called combining form. An example of this is the word gastroenterology.

A combining form meaning Heat or Hot. For example, a compound word Thermoplastic

Myel/o is the combining form, but I'm not entirely sure what the Word root is...Myel Maybe?

A combining form meaning "sleep" used in the meaning of compound words

"Gono-" is the root word meaning seed, and -rrhea is the medical terminology combining form meaning discharge. "Gonorrhea' has no prefix.

The suffix, word root (or combining form), then the prefix (if any).

A combining form that gives the word its medical meaning. It contains two parts, the root and a combining vowel, the root contains the medical meaning. And sometimes prefix and suffix.

Gastr requires the o, however if enteritis was the root word (leave off itis) the root term of enter would need an o also.

arteriol- is the combining form at the front of the word arteriolitis. It can't be considered a prefix, as it is the root of the word.

The combining forms are: phlebo- or phleb-ven(o)nerveroot word for vein is phleb/o

The prefix is sub- (meaning underneath or below), the suffix is -ous (meaning to pertain to) and the root word is -cutane- meaning skin. The word subcutaneous means pertaining to beneath the skin.

Can't is the combining of the two words can not. The root of the word can't is the word can.

bene-  a combining form occurring in loanwords from Latin, where it meant "well"

halit/o is a word root or combining form (NOT prefix) that means "breath" -osis is a suffix that means "abnormal condition" halitosis = bad breath

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