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everyone's temps will be different. your temp should rise after ovulation and continue to rise when your period is due. usually when your period starts, your temp will drop... it will do the reverse if you are pregnant.

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Q: What is the common BBT temperature when pregnant?
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What does BMT mean when trying to get pregnant?

It's used when you take the temperature to find out when you are ovulating and means Basal Metabolic Temperature aka Basal Body Temperature (BBT).

My bbt was elevated for almost a week when it suddenly dropped but I haven't started my period and now am late Could I still be pregnant or is it too late since the drop in temperature?

It is possible that you are pregnant. A decrease in BBT could indicated a decrease in progesterone. You need to have enough progesterone in your system to sustain a pregnancy, so if you think you are pregnant and your BBT has dropped, you should see a doctor asap (you can increase your progesterone level with pills or injections, but you may miscarry if your temperature remains too low).

Is it possible to be pregnant with no increase in bbt?

It is possible that your BBT did increase but the thermometer had a mis-read. You would need to have an increase in BBT to show that you ovulated, and you need to ovulate to get pregnant, and then the BBT needs to stay high to sustain a pregnancy. The increase doesn't have to be much (as small as .2 above the coverline can be considered, I believe).

What should a woman's base body temperature be if she is pregnant?

Hi, A Womans basal body temperature (BBT) is NOT a indication of pregnancy. BBT will rise slightly during ovulation, illness, due to activity or period. BBT it itself is definitely not a indication of pregnancy. Indication of pregnancy is: * Missed period. * Nauseous. * Headache *Breast tenderness *Abdominal cramping. *Increase in cervical mucus.

Does your BBT stay the same if you are pregnant?

Your BBT needs to stay high in order to sustain a pregnancy, at least in early pregnancy.

What is BMT chart?

Basal Metabolic Temperature or sometimes BBT (Basal Body Temperature).

If your BBT temperature is really high at the time you should get a period but your period is really late could you be pregnant?

Pregnancy causes an increase in white blood cells in the blood like illness does. This is what causes a temperature increase. Therefore an increased body temperature may mean you are pregnant, I had an increased temperature and sweating during my pregnancy.

DPO 5 temperature went below the coverline and at dpo 7 started spotting does it mean i am pregnant or is af coming?

If your BBT goes back up then the dip in temperature could indicate implanation, and you cuold be pregnant. It is also possible that you have a luteal phase defect and AF is coming.

Can you be pregnant if you start vaginal bleeding on the day you are expecting your period and 2 days have passed but BBT is still above coverline?

It is normal to have a BBT above the coverline for the first couple days of your cycle. So it is possible that you have your period, are not pregnant, and your BBT is slow to decrease. It is also possible that your BBT is high because you are pregnant, but then the vaginal bleeding would have to be implantation bleeding or other types of bleeding that are normal in early pregnancy if the bleeding is NOT heavy. If it is anything other than light bleeding, it is either your period, or you need to have it checked out asap.

Is it possible that you are pregnant if your bbt temperatures are quite low after ovulation?

No, it is more likely that you did not ovulate in this cycle. The bbt drops just before ovulation then rises and remains elevated until either your period comes when it drops again, or it remains elevated because you are pregnant.

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You can do online banking at BBT by enrolling in BBT online banking. Once you have enrolled, you can login to the BBT website and pay bills or check transfers online.

What does BBT stand for?

Medically, BBT stands for Basal Body Temperature - the lowest value for the day, which typically exists just after waking from a night's sleep. It can be used in estimating a woman's ovulation date because the BBT is lower immediately before ovulation and higher immediately after ovulation. * BBT can also stand for Big Bang Theory, Broad Based Training, or the textspeak phrase "be back tomorrow."

What is your Body temperature at early pregnancy?

Your basal body temperature or BBT in early pregnancy can't be determined without having taken your bbt for the whole cycle. Your temperature falls from your last menstrual cycle to the time of ovulation when temperatures can rise 0.5 to 1.0 degrees above the baseline. There is occasionally an implantation dip (a drop 5-12 days after ovulation and then a return to the higher temps). Additionally, some women have a third phase (triphasic) where the temperatures rise 0.6-0.8 degrees above the post ovulation rise. However, some women do not have this phase when pregnant, and some non-pregnant women can also be triphasic. If your bbt starts to drop steadily you may be ready to start your menstrual cycle again, or it may be a sign of impending miscarriage. The longer you have done you bbt the better you get to know yourself and what is normal for you. Take your temp at the same time every morning. I found it kinda fun!

Could you be pregnant if your BBT is different every day after supposed ovulation such as 97.7 one day and 98.6 another because you were 99.1 every day during your first pregnancy?

Personally I would not rely on BBT as a indication that you are pregnant. Wait until your period is expected hun and if it doesn't arrive then test.

Menstruation due in 2 days but severly sore breast cramping and tired bbt temp high 98.5 or more Could I be pregnant?

Yes, you could be pregnant. It is also common to have sore breasts prior to menstruation, so it's hard to say. It is also normal to have a high BBT (98.5) prior to and even in the beginning of your next cycle, so it doesn't really indicate pregnancy any more than it indicates an upcoming menstrual cycle. If your period is late, and your BBT is still high, then that is a more promising sign of pregnancy, and you shoult take a HPT!

What is normal temperature for pregnant woman i had heard that a pregnant womans temperature stays higher than 98.6 then she is pregnant is that true?

It is common for body temperature to remain slightly elevated during pregnancy. (We're talking typically a less than a degree) I was always on fire

Is there any chance you're pregnant even if your basal temp maintained the lower range throughout the month which shows that there is no ovulation due to no surge in temp which is very unusual?

Basal body temperature (BBT) charting is a good way to get to know your body's menstrual cycle ups & downs. Remember however, that BBT charting is only accurate if you have had at least 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep and you took your temperature immediately after you awake and before you get up out of bed and you use a BBT thermometer. With that being said, let's briefly discuss what the BBT charting will show you. A normal, healthy woman should see a biphasic BBT chart. That means you should have a chart at the end of the month that shows two distinct temperature groupings with one being higher than the other. This biphasic appearance means that the phases of your menstrual cycle are happening fairly normally and that for the most part, all your hormones are functioning normally. The first part of your BBT chart should have temperatures that are slightly lower than the 2nd half of your chart. The lower temp's are due to the estrogen heavy 1st half of your cycle; the higher temp's are due to the progesterone heavy 2nd half of your cycle. Ovulation will occur as a slight increase in temp over 24 hours (up to 0.5 degrees) about midway through your cycle. Once you have ovulated and the 2nd half of your menstrual cycle starts to kick in, you should see a rise in temperature that will remain elevated until your period starts. On the day your period starts or the day before, you may notice a drop in your BBT. This most likely means you are not pregnant. If your BBT remains elevated for approximately 18 days in a row after ovulation and you miss your period, you are most likely pregnant.

How can you tell on your bbt chart when you have ovulated?

The day after you will see an increase in BBT to a minimum of .2 above the coverline, and the BBT will stay that high for at least a few days straight.

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What is the ticker symbol for BBT Corporation?

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Does your BBT ever go up even if you did not ovulate?

To have ovulation your BBT has to go up and stay up for three days in a row.

What has the author Hardy BBT Ltd written?

Hardy BBT Ltd has written: 'Reclamation of disturbed alpine lands: a literature review'

If your cycle is 54 days how can you determine your fertile days thanx?

If you check your BBT basal body temparature you will be able to see when it gets lower comparing to your previous ones then you ovulate. In order to do this you need to chect your temperature very day before you get out of bed. Hope it helps. Good luck. I have also found this for you: Basal Body Temperature (BBT) The Basal Body Temperature is your body temperature when taken at its lowest point, usually in the morning before getting out of bed. Progesteron increases body temperature Charting BBT is used to monitor the occurance ovulation and/or pregnancy. This is possible because the hormone progesteron increases your body temperature. Progesteron makes the lining of your uterus soft and spongy so that a fertilized egg can latch onto it and implant. progesteron is made in your body to support and sustain a possible pregnancy. Right after menstruation, there is little progesteron, your temperature is low. During ovulation, about 14 days after menstruation, You can see this on a BBT chart, since the temperature goes up. Right before the next menstruation two things can happen: 1. The temperature goes down again: means that progesteron is dissapearing. Since progesteron is needed to support and sustain a possible pregnancy it means that you aren't pregnant. 2. The temperature stays high: you are possible pregnant since progesteron is still being made. During pregnancy, your BBT will stay higher. 3 Basal Body Temperature patterns There are three BBT patterns possible. 1. No Ovulation and No pregnancy: Monophasic An anovulatory BBT pattern where the temperature remains relatively constant throughout the cycle. The typical anovulatory chart has temperatures which zig-zag up and down throughout the cycle in no apparent pattern. 2. Ovulation but No pregnancy: Biphasic A BBT pattern consistent with ovulation and the formation of the corpus luteum (`Yellow body`), which secretes progesterone. This hormone will elevate the basal body temperature about one-half degree during the latter half of the menstrual cycle. 3. Ovulation AND Pregnancy: Triphasic Similar to a biphasic BBT pattern, but adds a jump to a third level of temperatures around the time implantation should occur and may indicate pregnancy. Directions for charting Basal Body Temperature 1. A regular fever thermometer or special `metabolic` thermometer may be used. 2. Your temperature should be taken each morning at approximately the same time, immediately on awakening, before eating, talking, smoking, or arising. 3. The thermometer should be placed under your tongue, with the mouth closed, and left in place for five minutes, by the clock or when the electronic alarm sounds. 4. After you have taken your temperature, enter it in the online BBT charter on this website. Each daily dot will be joined to the previous day`s dot by means of a straight line. 5. Start a new graph with each menstrual cycle. The first day of your menstrual flow is day `1` of the new cycle. Your temperature need not be taken while you are having your menstrual period. 6. After your menstrual cycle has stopped, begin taking your temperature again 7. The chart has room for extra information, like * intercourse * vaginal bleeding * lower abdominal pain (possible ovulation) * spotting (possible ovulation) * thin vaginal discharge (possible ovulation) * recognized causes for temperature changes, such as a cold, other illnesses, indigestion, alcoholic beverages, restless sleep, going to bed late, arising late, etc. 8. It is necessary to record your temperature for at least two or three cycles before the graph is of much value. There will be many variations in individual graphs. Although the webpage says it is for birth control, if you reverse it is is just as good for couples who are trying to get pregnant. good Luck.

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