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What is the comparison between Christianity and gnostic Christianity?

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September 14, 2011 9:01AM

Actually, the writings of Rabbi Shaul (paul) reveal a gnostic interpretation and influence in Christianity. Gnosticism regards the salvation of humankind as a problem of "knowledge" of one's true self. Ignorance is the human condition, gnostics claim, but paul uses this in his interpretation of the divine Jesus as Christ and Lord. The Gentiles (Nations) need to "know" about Jesus as Christ and that there "ignorance" of the judaic law and their god YHVH is keeping them away from salvation or justification. Paul is not extreme in gnosticism, but his writings and thought do reveal an influence and especially of Greek thought and philosophy, since the new testement is in the Greek language, not English.


Gnostics believed (believe) that there is a mystical nature to life that is only revealed to those who are in "the know". The greek word "gnosko" would be translated as "I know" in English. Gnostics believe that humankind's true self is one with God. They look at the material realm similar to a matrix, ie-a lie. The goal of the Gnostic is gnosis, which is to know self and God.

Gnostic Christianity looks at Jesus as a way shower, a teacher who is an aeon who came and comes to show us the way-to help us become a race of Christs.

any division of Christianity is sinful like the roman catholics