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Here is a great opinion from a FAQ Farmer: Your question seems to point to the general topic of the use of Art (visual, musical, and dance) in worship. The use of the word "impulse", although scary to me, is probably accurate and I can accept that. Basically, for the artist, it means being able to "perform" or "offer" his/her craft while keeping in mind the focus of the worship...presumably this would be God. The art would be offered as a genuine "offering" or gift to God. Not to offer the art in that "sub-ordinate" frame of mind would then, in my opinion, render the worship part as mute. Art in the theater (on stage) is a performance of the artist, and tribute to the composer, playwright, etc which is enjoyed and lauded as an art form by the audience in a secular setting...i.e.; no worship of a deity here... (although you could call it worship of an art form). In a worship service of a Deity, usually a church, mosque, or synagogue, the attention of the audience (congregation) should be focused on that Deity. The artist is merely an avenue to help find that expression.

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Q: What is the comparison of the impulse of theater to the impulse of worship?
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