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The complete subject is "Braille is a code".

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braille is a code of raised dots

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Q: What is the complete subject of Braille is a code of raised dots on paper?
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Why is Louis braille important?

Louis Braille invented a system of raised dots on paper that lets blind people read.

Do most braille printers print letters as raised dots?

Yes, most braille printers use a series of raised dots to represent letters, numbers, and symbols in the braille system. These printers emboss or punch out the dots on paper to create tactile representations of braille characters for visually impaired individuals to read.

What is the purpose of a braille printer?

A braille printer is used to convert digital text into braille, allowing individuals who are blind or visually impaired to read and interact with printed materials. It embosses raised dots on paper to produce braille documents that can be read by touch.

Who created braille and in what year?

Braille was created by Louis Braille, a French educator, in 1824. Louis Braille developed the tactile writing system as a way for blind individuals to read and write by using raised dots on paper to represent letters and words.

Show braille alphabet?

Braille is a writing system that is used by blind and visually impaired. Braille was developed by Louis Braille who went blind as a child and developed the system at age 15. The braille system is raised bumps that are found on paper and each represent something different. The braille alphabet can be found on many websites.

What is the system of writing for blind people called?

The system of writing for blind people is called Braille. It consists of raised dots arranged in cells to represent letters, numbers, and punctuation marks. It is designed to be read by touch.

What printer prints information on paper in braille?

A Braille printer....seriously that is the answer

How does the braille for blind work?

these are raised bumps on paper, that are coded, blind people have to learn how to touch them and interpret them into words, this is quite a feat and takes months of practice.

How do blind people can read?

By using a method that involves moving their hands across a page of many small raised bumps that they feel with their fingertips. The bumps are arranged in different formations and each formation equals a different letter, number or symbol. This method is known as braille.

What are the 3 things louis braille invented?

Louis Braille invented the Braille system for reading and writing for people who are blind or visually impaired. He also created a Braille slate for easy writing in Braille, and developed the Braille code by combining patterns of raised dots to represent letters, numbers, and musical symbols.

How do you read the braille in regice cave?

google braille and translate the braille in the game on a piece of paper, or look up Regice on Bulbapedia for direct translations.

Can you only use your fingers for braille?

Braille is a language of raised bumps on paper or other materials. To use Braille you run your fingers over the bumps. Each group of bumps stands for a letter, number, or other written character. So after some months of practice, people can read these bumps on paper just as sighted persons read text.