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What is the compound name of F2?

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F2 is not a compound; it is the chemical formula for a diatomic molecule of fluorine. Compounds refer only to substances formed out of two or more different elements. This molecule of fluorine, however, represents just one element.

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F2 is not a compound. It is fluorine, which is an element.

F2 is fluorine, which is an element, not a compound.

No, F2 is covalent but it is an element, not a compound.

No. F2 is the element fluorine.

F2, fluorine, is an element.

F2 is neither ionic nor a compound, it is an element, fluorine, in the diatomic form.

Neither. F2 is an element. Since it is only one element it will be pure covalent.

F2 (fluorine) is an element and thus a pure substance. However a compound is a pure substance as well.

equation: Li +F2 ->LiF balanced equation: 2Li +F2 ->2LiF

No, fluorine F2 is a homonuclear molecule so there is no difference in electronegativity. This means that fluorine is a nonpolar compound.

F2 is not an element.It is a diatomic gas formed by bonding of two atoms of Fluorine.It is the lightest halogen gas.

Be + F2 --> BeF2---------------------The ionic compound beryllium fluoride.

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Pure fluorine usually exists as a diatomic compound, formula F2.

NO. Any molecule made up of atoms of the same element is covalently bonded.

This is Fluorine in its natural diatomic state.

Non polar covalent bond between two fluorine gas in F2.

1 mole F2 = 37.996g F2 = 6.022 x 1023 molecules F2 85g F2 x 6.022 x 1023 molecules F2/37.996g F2 = 1.3 x 1024 molecules F2

the compound name is atoms.

5.54 grams F2 (1mole F2/38 grams)(6.022 X 10^23/1mole F2) = 8.78 X 10^22 atoms of F2

The name of this compound is carbonic acid.

The compound name is Sodium Sulfate.

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