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The compound subject is "Swimming and softball".

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Q: What is the compound subject in the sentence Swimming and softball are two sports in the olympic games?
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Which word in this sentence is a closed compound Volleyball and softball are exciting Olympic sports?

Both Volleyball and Softball are closed compounds

Is swimming an Olympic event?

yes swimming is an olympic event

Crystal busto on softball olympic team?

It's Crystal Bustos and yes she was on the Olympic softball team. I said "was" because softball is no longer in the Olympics starting in 2012.

Did Dot Richardson coach the 2004 Olympic softball team?

No, the coach of the U.S. 2004 Olympic softball team was Mike Candrea.

When did softball become part of the Olympics?

Softball became an Olympic medal event in 1996. In 2005, the International Olympic Committee voted to drop both Softball and Baseball from the Summer Olympic Games of 2012. Both may reapply for 2016 consideration.

The first softball team to win an olympic medal?

Softball was introduced as an Olympic medal sport for women in 1996. The United States won the gold medal at those Olympic Games held in Atlanta. As of now, softball is scheduled to be discontinued as an Olympic sport after the 2008 Games in Beijing.

How do you put ironic in a sentence?

It was an ironic twist of fate for the greatest swimmer in the Olympic history-drowning in a swimming pool.

When did softball become an Olympic sport?

Softball's first year as an Olympic sport was 1996. Unfortunately, softball is being dropped as an Olympic sport after the 2008 Games in Beijing.

When was first Olympic swimming pool built?

the 1st olympic swimming pool was in 1899.

What is the butterfly in olympic swimming?

a swimming stroke

Is swimming part of the 2010 winter olympic games?

No, swimming is only in the Summer Olympic Games

What Olympic sports is Romania competing in?

Many olympic sports; exceptions are: * unknown sports in Romania: softball, wushu, synchronized swimming, triathlon, baseball, beach wolley * only amateur level: badminton, hockey (now practically abandoned), taekwondo