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The compound word is current events. (Remember that some compound words are "open" meaning that there is a space between the two words.)

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The singular possess form is the director's reports.example: The director's reports are published quarterly.

Yes, he published many books and reports.

Research reports published by O'Reilly Radar can be found on the O'Reilly Radar website,

Yes, there are several published reports of actinomycetes being isolated from Antarctica

As of 2014, reports are showing that Jemima Khan is his current girlfriend.

Each science has it's own journal that are published on a regular basis.

They made it seem like the reports broadcast on the radio were real. [=

1 wordnews·cast/ˈn(y)o͞ozˌkast/Noun:A radio or television broadcast of news reports.

The reports are always current to date, as most are filled out on the day of the accident. The statistics of fatal car accidents are usually based on yearly totals.

Certain judicial opinions are published by the government, such as the Supreme Court Reports. However, more cases are published by companies such as Westlaw and LexisNexis. For instance Westlaw publishes Federal Reports Annotated which contains many United States Circuit Court decisions. The cases are published by date. The advantage of using the reporters published by private companies is that they include, what is called key numbers that assist a legal researcher in finding additional material on specific topics addressed by a case.

There are several sources where you can find reports for fishing depending on the region. The Fishing Report provides a searchable table of current reports as well as the ability to look at reports from previous years. Individual fisheries post their own reports at the end of the season.

The adverb form of the word "current" is currently.An example sentence for you is: "We are currentlyinvestigating the reports".

The NASDAQ reports current commodity prices daily. Current commodity prices can also be found in the financial section of local newspapers.

Consumer Reports released it's first issue in January of 1936. The very first edition was written in English and published in the United States of America.

No, Dr. Tynan is happily single. He has recently become engaged according to published reports.

Yes, the word 'newscast' is a noun, a singular, common, abstract noun; a word for radio or television broadcast of news reports, a word for a thing.

there are no current reports from reliable sources to indicate he is getting a divorce.

"Laws" are not derived from "case law" - DECISIONS of the court are derived from case law. Additional information: Case law in Ohio is established by having written opinions of court cases published in one of the appropriate Ohio Official Reports. The three official reporters in Ohio are the Ohio Supreme Court Reports, Ohio Appellate Reports and, for trial court cases, Ohio Miscellaneous Reports. All Ohio Supreme Court opinions are published; however only those appellate and trial court opinions that the Ohio Supreme Court Committee to Review Reporting of Opinions approves for publication are published. Once an opinion is published in the official reports, it becomes precedent for future cases having similar sets of facts under similar legal grounds. The precedential authority of a reported opinion is what makes it "case law." Opinions which are not approved for publication have no such precedential authority and are not considered "case law."

information, reports, intelligence, gossip, rumor, hearsay, news bulletin, news broadcast, newscast, news summary, newsflash, news update.

When the communication breaks between studio and spot T.V reporters.,they can not listen to each other.

so other scientists conducting the same experiment can see and compare results to make a valuable theory.

He organized a revolutionary party. ____________________________________________ While in exile, he published anti-Spanish reports.

The possessive form of the plural noun secretaries is secretaries'.Example: The secretaries' reports are published quarterly.

One can find current weather reports in regards to New York City when one goes to the following websites: weather dot com, findlocalweather dot com, and tripadvisor dot com.

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