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the conflict is she is trying to get out of the big mess of lies she made.

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The conflict in "The Secret Identity of Devon Delaney" revolves around Devon struggling to balance her real self with the persona she creates to fit in with a new group of friends. This internal conflict of authenticity and acceptance drives the narrative as Devon navigates the challenges of maintaining her secret identity while also being true to herself.

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Q: What is the conflict in the story the secret idenity of Devon delaney?
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Do they have the secret identity of Devon delaney movie?

No they dont but i wish they did.

What are the main characters of the secret identity of Devon delaney?

The main characters in "The Secret Identity of Devon Delaney" by Lauren Barnholdt are Devon Delaney, who pretends to be a model student, and Zoey Preston, her best friend who knows her true identity. The story revolves around Devon navigating the challenges of maintaining her secret identity while dealing with high school drama.

How does the secret indentity of Devon delaney end?

it ends with her and luke kissing.

Is there a sequel to the secret identity of Devon Delaney?

Yes, there is a sequel to "The Secret Identity of Devon Delaney" titled "The Real Problem with Guys." In this book, Devon continues to navigate the ups and downs of middle school while dealing with friendship drama, crushes, and other challenges.

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What books has Lauren Barnholdt written?

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How many books are in the Devon delaney series?

so far there seems to only be two.

What genre is the book the secret identity of Devon laney?

I personally do not know. But it's about a teenager lying about her whole life an try's to cover things up

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