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The conflict that is the basis of the story is a long-running feud between two of the most important families of Verona, the Montagues (Romeo was a Montague) and the Capulets (Juliet was a Capulet)

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In romeo and julliet who dies first?


Who dies first Romeo or julliet?

Romeo is really the first to die, because julliet takes a potion that makes her appear dead. when romeo thinks julliet has dies, he kills himself. Then moments later julliet awakes, sees romeo dead and kills herself.

What does romeo compare julliet to?

The sun

Who was Romeo in the 1996 version of Romeo and julliet?

Leonardo DiCarprio

Was Mercutia at the ball in Romeo and Julliet?

Mercutio was at the ball with Romeo.

Who speaks first Romeo or julliet?

Romeo speaks first.

Who is Tybalt in romeo and julliet?

Juliet's cousin.

Where did romeo and julliet live?

Verona, Italy.

Where was Romeo and julliet set?

It was set in the city of Verona.

Was Mercutio at the ball in Romeo and Julliet?

Yes, Mercutio was there.

Was romeo and julliet non fiction or fiction?


Who wrote Hamlet and Romeo and julliet?

William Shakespeare Wrote Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet

What are the name of the two families in romeo and julliet?

Montague, Capulet

Who is the author of julliet?

The author of Romeo and Juliet is William Shakespeare.

What happend to romeo and julliet?

They died. And their families stopped fighting.

What is the name of romeos comicle friend in romeo and julliet?


What is the setting of romeo and julliet?

"In fair Verona, where we lay our scene..."

What were the names of the children of Romeo and Julliet?

Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet both died before having children.

What does meration mean in the play of romeo and julliet?

There is no word "meration" in Shakespeare.

What are twenty plot points that happen in the story Romeo and Juliet?

he died for julliet

What do you think about west side story?

i think its a rip off of romeo and julliet......

How does Romeo feel for julliet?

romeo is deeply in love with juliet. he has an amazing amount of passion for her, and it was love at first sight for them both.

What city is the story romeo and julliet found in?

It is actually a town called Verona, in Italy.

Where does romeo and julliet take place?

"In fair Verona where we lay our scene" - Renaissance Italy

What is the music on the introductoin titles of the judges on xfactor?

oh Verona (the theme to romeo and julliet)

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