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The connection is that Janus the god of the doorway. This name has its beginning in Roman mythology.

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What is the connection between January and ancient mythology?

The month is named after the God Janus, the god of doorways (January being the first month and doorway to the new year)

What is a connection between January in ancient Greek?

January was named after the ROMAN god Janus.

What is the connection between the word museum and an ancient mythology?

The word museum was named after the nine muses of Greek.

What is the connection between titanic and ancient greek mythology?

Titanic is derived from the ancient Greek mythology creature Titan, which is considered a giant. She was named Titanic because she was, at the time, the largest ship ever built

What is the connection between the characters in Harry Potter and Greek mythology?

The Harry Potter series is a charming story and a vaguely Christian allegory. Circe, Paracelsus, and Agrippa are names from the Greek Mythology. The Centaurs are from ancient stories.

What is the connection between geology and Greek mythology?

Gea or Gaia was the Greek name for the earth goddess.

Did the Egyptians see no personal connection between the gods and individual people?

if you mean ancient Egyptians, then yes. the ancient Egyptians did not see any personal connection between the individual and the gods

What is the difference between Greek mythology and historical fiction?

Greek mythology is the religion of the ancient Greek people. Historical fiction is composed by a writer.

What is the difference between greek mythology then and now?

At Greeks time, it was not mythology but now it is. For the ancient Greeks, it was their religion, now it is a collection of interesting stories.

What is the connection between Greek mythology and amusement?

Greek Mythology used to be passed down orally from generation to generation and was told as stories for amusement to but also to explain shiza.

What is the connection between the magical objects in Harry Potter and Greek mythology?

There are numerous links between the two. The individuals on the Chocolate Frogs include some individuals from Greek mythology. Circe, Paracelsus and Agrippa are from Greek methodology.

What is the difference between greek mythology and other mythology?

What we today call Greek Mythology came from the ancient peoples of the Mediterranean. Most other mythology comes to us from cultures who did not record their religion nearly so long or detailed a way.

What is the connection between the horses the moon and the sea according to Greek mythology?

the answer is : the horses name is Mare the moon sets at the sea. :)

What is the connection between the word cloth and greek mythology?

im not sure, are you a student asking this Q? Im working on the same project.

Is Yahweh the son of Zeus and Hera?

no. Yahweh is the Hebrew god, while Zeus and Hera are greek gods from the greek mythology. there is no connection between them.

Is there a connection between Maserati's logo and Greek mythology?

Yes there is, the Maserati's logo has a three point spear end which is the preferred weapon of Poseidon/Neptune.

What are the differences between the concepts of God of ancient Greeks and Christians?

In greek mythology there are hundreds of gods and in Christaianity there is only one god.

Why is tartaric acid named for tartarus?

It is not. There is no connection between tartar, the ancient name for Potassium Tartrate (after which Tartaric Acid is named) and Tartarus, the ancient name for Hell.

What was shintoism based on?

it is a set of practices to establish a connection between present day Japan and it's ancient past

What did people of ancient times think of rainbows?

In Greek mythology, the rainbow was considered to be a path made by a messenger (Iris) between Earth and Heaven. In Chinese mythology, the rainbow was a slit in the sky sealed by Goddess N

How do you put connection in a sentence?

i can not see the Connection. Do you feel the Connection with this place?

Is there a connection between mercury the car company and the mercury god?

Yes! The car company Mercury a division of Ford was named after Mercury who was the messenger of the gods in Greek mythology.

What is the difference between a myth and a mythology?

myth was their stories,mythology was their religion

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