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Q: What is the constitutional amendment that made poll taxes illegal?
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Which amendment made poll taxes illegal?

The Twenty-fourth Amendment of the Constitution made poll taxes illegal. =)

How did the twenty-fourth amendment expand voting right?

The "poll tax" is now considered unconstitutional.

What is ratifying a constitutional amendment?

When a constitutional amendment has been ratified it means that the amendment had been passed or agreed upon by 3/4 of congress and is now being made a legal amendmen to our Constitution

What amendement made alcohol illegal?

The 18th Amendment

How did the 24th Amendment affect African American voting rights?

Amendment 24 of the U.S. Constitution provided more opportunity for African - Americans to vote by barring Poll Taxes, a tax that must be paid by anyone wishing to cast a vote.

What state made slavery illegal at the time of the Constitutional convention?


Which amendment made it illegal to manufacture sell distribute r transport intoxicating beverages?

amendment 18

Which amendments made it illegal to manufacture and sell intoxicating liquor?

Eighteenth Amendment

In what year was the court checked by an amendment to the constitution that made an income tax constitutional?


The 24th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution made it illegal to force people to pay a poll tax and mdasha tax on voting. What was the main reason for this?

The Jim Crow laws charged poll taxes to African Americans who wanted to vote so they made an amendment to make sure it was against the law.

What time was slavery illegal?

Slavery was made illegal with the 13th amendment to the Constitution on 12/18/1865

Is there parkour in Michigan?

No. It was made illegal with the 28th amendment to the U.S. Constitution.