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What is the contact info for animal control?


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There is a stray dog running around my neighborhood. How can I get in contact with animal control?

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Contact your local city office and they can connect you or get you the info.

As long as you have the no on the tag they gave you (corresponds with info on file) , you're ok (assuming for animal control) If it's AKC, contact them directly.

If you have contacted Animal Control but they have not responded, you can call the police and perhaps they can contact Animal Control for you, or tell the police that Animal Control hasn't come out to take care of the dog.

There are several sources for bird or animal control in Birmingham, Alabama. Critter Control and Trutech Wildlife Removal of Birmingham are two companies providing services, or you could contact the Birmingham Jefferson County Animal Control.

Contact SPCA or tha Animal Control Office at your local Police Department.

what is mr.cooper's contact info.

she doesnt have any contact info on the internet

Contact your local animal control officer and/or SPCA.

Contact your local police department. If the police department is unable to assisst, ask you local animal shelter or animal control agency for advice on who to contact.

If someone is having problems with a pest animal, they should contact their local animal control center, which may be able to help. If the animal control cannot help, they may be able to refer the person to a service that can.

The first step to get a job with animal control service is to contact the city and fill out an application. If you have the proper experience and education, and if there's an opening, you will be called for an interview.

You will want to contact Charlotte-Mecklenburg Animal Care and Control. They are located in Charlotte. You can reach them directly at 704-336-7600

You can contact North Miami Animal Control at (305) 895-9876. They are located at 1855 NE 142nd St in North Miami.

Animal control (or the equivalent in your area, commonly called the dog catcher).

Contact your county animal control agency or the SPCA.

It may be illegal, depending on the area of the world your in. Contact animal control authorities for advise

Without knowing your location I cannot help you find your local Animal Control Service. You should be able to look in your local phone book and find the number however.

For info on animals of Nicuragua go to the Link below (Animal Info - Nicaragua)

There are many pest and bird control companies in Montreal, MP Bird Control seems to be the biggest but your local animal control or shelter can probably recommend someone locally

Contact Animal Control or a local veterinary clinic and ask for the phone number of a wildlife rehabilitator.

Most cities have an animal control that works through their city government to help with animals in the town. These are great to assist with animals that are running loose in the town. You can contact them for help with an animal in your area or if one is lost by you. If you see an animal that is running loose, you can contact your local animal control facility. Make sure that you give them all information about the animal. Explain to them where it is located and what the animal looks like to the best of your knowledge. One thing that is very important is letting them know if the animal is vicious or not. These will help them decide how quickly they need to get out to check on this animal. If you think an animal could hurt you, do not approach it at all. Wait on the animal control officer to show up and take care of the problem for you. This is their job and they have been trained to do it correctly. If you lose your pet, contact animal control also. They often pick up stray animals and are holding them at their facility. They can help you to locate your animal if it has been found. They can also keep an eye out for it while doing their normal work. Animal control is also willing to adopt out pets that have been in their facility for a certain amount of time. Check with your local office to see if they offer this service. This is a great way to save an animals life and also get a new pet for your family. Make sure that you check with them. They will usually help to get your pet spade or neutered also to keep down the amount of new animals born in the area. Animal control is a great facility that is there to help you. Contact them for any animal assistance that you are looking for and they will let you know if they can help you.

There is a stray dog on my street. It has been here for days and looks very skinny. It also acts aggressive and growls when you go near it. Who do you contact to come get it?

Animal control will come to your house for most wildlife nuisance calls, including raccoons nesting in your chimney, birds nesting in your attic, and so forth. They do not, however, handle insect pest control problems. For these, contact an exterminator.

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