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The Bugibba Hotel is located not far from the Malta International Airport. The contact phone number of the Bugibba Hotel is (+356) 21580861. The fax number is (+356)21580756.

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Q: What is the contact number for Bugibba Hotels?
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Are bugibba hotels a good chain of hotels?

Located in Bugibba, Coral Hotel is a newly built 3-star hotel where you can enjoy beautiful panoramic views of the surrounding countryside and sea from the rooftop swimming pool.

Does Bugibba Hotels allow pets?

Yes pets are allowed at the Bugibba Hottels and apartments. They are located right in the center of Malta and offer a wide variety of services for their customer

Where can one book hotels in Bugibba?

There are many reliable sources from which you are able to book hotels in Bugibba, Malta. Various on-line sites are easily accessible for your use. Of course you may also prefer to visit a traditional high street travel agency.

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What state is bugibba located in?

Bugibba is not located in a US state. It is a seaside tourist town on the island of Malta which is in the Mediterranean Sea south of Sicily. It is a sovereign state in it's own right.

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