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Menstrual flow consists mainly of uterine cells, uterine tissue and blood. Menstrual flow will also contain vaginal discharge, cervical mucus, and vaginal skin cells that are carried along by the menstrual flow as it passes through the vaginal canal.

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Q: What is the contents of menstrual bleeding?
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What is the medical term meaning excessive menstrual bleeding?

The correct medical term is menorrhagia.Menorrhagia means excessive bleeding during menstruation.Excessive menstrual bleeding is menorhagia.Irregular menstrual bleeding is metrorhagia.Irregular excessive menstrual bleeding is menometrorhagia.Menorrhagia is excessive uterine bleeding during the menses.Menorrhagia

What is abnormal uterine bleeding?

Abnormal bleeding includes bleeding between menstrual periods, excessive bleeding during a menstrual period, or bleeding after menopause

Are shark attacks linked to menstrual bleeding?

no, sharks have nothing to do with human menstrual bleeding.

What causes bleeding outside menstrual cycle?

Various things can happen to cause bleeding outside of the menstrual cycle. For example, it is possible for sex to cause bleeding.

Does eating flour slow down menstrual bleeding?

No, eating flour cannot slow down your menstrual bleeding at all.There are medications that can help lighten menstrual bleeding, and over time dietary changes can reduce menstrual flow too. But there is nothing you can eat to 'slow down' your menstrual period.

What is excessive menstrual bleeding called?

The medical term for heavy menstrual bleeding is menorrhagia.Menorrhagia is defined by a longer period (over 7 days) and/or bleeding over 80ml.

What happens during the proliferative phase of the female menstrual cycle?

menstrual bleeding

Can the bleeding after missing a birth control pill be seen as menstrual?

When you're taking the birth control pill, you don't have a menstrual period. Instead, you have withdrawal bleeding. Menstrual periods are vaginal bleeding the follows ovulation by 14 days. Withdrawal bleeding is vaginal bleeding brought on by sudden cessation of hormone ingestion. Whether you have unscheduled bleeding from missing a pill or scheduled bleeding during your placebo week, neither is called a menstrual period.

What are some health conditions caused by heavy menstrual bleeding?

Heavy menstrual bleeding can cause life threatening conditions. It is very dangerous and can be very painful. It is best to consult a doctor if one experiences heavy menstrual bleeding.

What is the clinical manifestation of amenorrhea?

No menstrual bleeding.

How do you stop heavy menstrual bleeding?

You cant.

Can you stop menstrual bleeding?

Hysterectomy. For painful menstrual bleeding, especially in women who do not wish to have (any more) children, sometimes hysterectomy is recommended.

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