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Croydon is a town in England, UK. It is located in Europe.

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Q: What is the continent of croydon?
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What part of London is croydon?

Croydon is in South London in the London Borough of Croydon.

Is Croydon rural or urban?

croydon is a urban

How many parks are in croydon?

is there park in croydon

What is Croydon's population?

The population of Croydon is 330,587.

What is the birth name of John Croydon?

John Croydon's birth name is John James Croydon.

How do you say Croydon is a city in French?

croydon est une ville is the translation. It means that Croydon is a city.

What county is croydon in?

Croydon is in the county of Greater London.

Where is the Croydon Historical Society in Croydon New Hampshire located?

The address of the Croydon Historical Society is: 879 Nh Route 10, Croydon, NH 03773-6102

What volcano lives in croydon?

the volcano in south croydon it is the south croydon park and is the 2012 volcano speical and is the bigest in the world and is 456789655 ft talll it cover the whole of croydon

When was Croydon Kings created?

Croydon Kings was created in 1950.

When was Croydon Pirates created?

Croydon Pirates was created in 1896.

When was Croydon RFC created?

Croydon RFC was created in 1956.