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Q: What is the contribution of Friedrich Herbart in education?
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What has the author Johann Friedrich Herbart written?

Johann Friedrich Herbart has written: 'The science or education' 'ABC of sense-perception & minor pedagogical works'

When was Johann Friedrich Herbart born?

Johann Friedrich Herbart was born on 1776-05-04.

When did Johann Friedrich Herbart die?

Johann Friedrich Herbart died on 1882-03-26.

When Johann Friedrich Herbart died?

August 14, 1841

What has the author Eva Matthes written?

Eva Matthes has written: 'Johann Friedrich Herbart'

What has the author Gabriel Compayre written?

Gabriel Compayre has written: 'Herbart and education by instruction'

Friedrich engels contribution to sociology?

friedrich engels and his work

How many books written by Johann Friedrich Herbart?

Numerous musical documents as such like opera melodies music books like music encyclopedias

What has the author Alexander Darroch written?

Alexander Darroch has written: 'Herbart and the Herbartian theory of education' 'Education And The New Utilitarianism And Other Educational Addresses'

What is the contribution of the greek education to modern education?

Contribution of greak education system to modern education

What has the author Rudolf Koschnitzke written?

Rudolf Koschnitzke has written: 'Herbart und Herbartschule' -- subject(s): Bibliography, Education, Philosophy

What has the author Klaus Klattenhoff written?

Klaus Klattenhoff has written: 'Herbart, Schulen, Lehrer' -- subject(s): Education, History, Sources