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Was and were are the past tense forms of be.

  • I was
  • We were
  • You were
  • He/she/it was
  • They were

Been is the past participle.


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The correct past tense form of panic is panicked.

No, "choosed" is not grammatically correct. The simple past tense of "choose" is "chose". The past participle is "chosen".

The past tense of correct is corrected.

The past tense and past participle of correct are both corrected.

Drive is the correct present tense form (drivesfor the third person singular). Driving is the present participle, drove is the past tense, and driven is the past participle.

The correct past tense would be "you were".

Yes it's correct.For example, "would you mind if I finished this later?"Finished is the past tense of finish.

Brung is an improper past tense of the irregular verb bring. The correct past tense form is brought.

That is the correct spelling of the past tense form "reminisced" (remembered, reflected on the past).

Formed is the past tense of form.

Is and are are present tense form of be. The past tense of be is was/were.

It has no past tense. It is like the word DEER, it's past tense is not DEERS. I had DIGESTION. correct I think i have DIGESTION. correct

'Laid' is a the past tense form of 'Lay' which is a past tense form of 'lie'.

No, splitted is incorrect. The past tense of split is also split.

The past tense form is destroyed.

The past tense of "have" is "had"

The tense of the verb you utilize is determined by the context of the sentence.If the sentence is present or future tense, use is the correct form.If the sentence is past tense, used is the correct form.

The correct verb form of done is the word, did. The past tense for done in a sentence, "My homework is done, I did it", is the correct way.

No it is not.The correct past tense of the verb write is wrote.The past participle is written.

The past tense of describe is described.

struck is the past tense verbStruck IS the past tense form...of the word strike.

Is can be used in the past tense if it's in its past tense form, which is was.

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