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A group of lions is called a pride.

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Do lions live alone?

no lions don't live alone3 to 30 lions live togetherbecause there the male who protects the group

A group of animals of one kind kept or living together?

Lions live together in a pride.horses live together in herds and so do cows.sheep live together in flocks.ants live together in a colony.

Do tigers and lions live together?

The habitats of the lions and tigers are totally different. They do not live together.

Do lions live in a group?

yes they doYes. The group of lions is called a 'pride'

Do lions live in a pride?

Yes, a family group of Lions is called a pride of Lions.

What group does a lion live in?

A group of lions is called a pride.

A group of animals that live and hunt together?

A pride of lions. A pack of wolves. A pack of dogs. A pod of killer whales.

How many tigers in a pack in the wild?

Pack is not the correct term to apply to a group of felines. Tigers are solitary creatures, unlike Lions, they do not live in prides. The only time you will see them together is during mating or a mother with cubs.

How do lions live in the wild?

Lions live in the wild in prides. These prides hunt together, sleep together, and watch over breeding to ensure that the species survives.

Do bobcats live alone or in group?

Alone, the only cats that live in a family group (a pride) are Lions.

What is a group of populations that live together?

A group of populations that live together is called a community.

What are facts about African lions?

they are the only cats to live in a group.

Do fireflies live together as a group or do they live alone?

They live together as a group. Like schools of fish. Hope this helps

Do cheetahs live in a group?

The mother and her cubs will live together fro 1-2 years. Sometimes the males would form a coalition to protect a territory from other males but the group was never as tight as that of a pride of lions.

What do you call a group of squirels?

Names like 'a herd' or 'a pride' are only used in cases where animals like antilope, lions or sheep by nature live (or are kept) in groups. Squirrels do not live together in that fashion, so a group of squirrels is simply called a group of squirrels.

In what part of the world do lions live?

Lions live in parts of Africa and a small group is found in the Gir Forest of India.

Do sea lions live in a group?

If you want them to, YOU JUS GOTTA TRY.

What do you call a group of cats?

Most cats live solitary lives with the exception of lions. In this case it would be called a pack. A group of lions is called a pride.

Does a coyote live alone or in a group?

I do not know if they do or do not i do think they will live in a small number because of lions live in big pack but yet again there is other big cats such as tigers that like to live alone but if i were you i would go to a zoo to fine out the correct answer .

What is a collection of identical cells that live together in a connected group?

What is a collection of identical cells that live together in a connected group?

In what way are lions different from most other big cats?

lions are the only cats that live together in a pride all the others live and hunt alone

Do lions live in the African safari?

A safari is a group of people going out into the wild to see, or possibly hunt animals. Lions don't live within these Groups. You probably meant "Savannah", the African grasslands. And yes, lions live on the Savannah.

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