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tons, a plural

but one ton of rocks

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What weight can a 10 ton truck carry?

ten tons

How many tons of gravel equals a ton?

the correct answer is 1.

How many tons does a ton of Colorado river rock weigh?

Is this a trick question? A ton of anything should weigh a ton.

How many tons are in a yard of asphalt?

It depends one what you are measuring. A ton of rock and a ton of dirt measure out to different amounts of yards.

How many metric tons are in a megaton?

A megaton is one million tons. A metric ton (or tonne) is about 2200 lbs. A ton is 2000 lbs. Multiply 1,000,000 times 2000, ten divide by 2200, and you will get about 907,184.74 metric tons in a megaton.

What is the Cost of 1 ton of river rock?

The cost to have one ton of river rock delivered and installed will cost about $140. However, if two tons are delivered, it will cost about $210.

How many tons are in 4 metric tons?

The ton depends where you are:In the UK, the ton is the long ton = 2,240 lb → 4 tonnes ≈ 3.94 tonsIn the US, the ton is the short ton = 2,000 lb → 4 tonnes ≈ 4.41 tons

How many tons in 100 tons?

Where:1 ton is a long ton (2240 lb), 100 tons = 101.605 tonnes1 ton is a short ton (2000 lb), 100 tons = 90.7185 tonnes

2.7 metric tons is how many tons?

A metric ton is 0.907185 of a ton. That gives you 2.449 tons.

How much is 5.23 metric tons in tons?

A metric ton is 0.907185 of a ton. That gives you 5.765 tons.

How many tons are in 2.5 metric tons?

A metric ton is 0.907185 of a ton. That gives you 2.268 tons.

How many metric tons are their in a ton?

1 ton is 0.91 metric tons.

How many metric tons is 1 ton?

1 short ton = 0.9078 metric tons 1 long ton = 1.016 metric tons

15209.8 tons equals to how many metric tons?

A metric ton is 0.907185 of a ton. That gives you 16,766 tons.

How many ton make 1 metric ton?

1 ton = 0.90718474... metric tons1 metric ton = 1.1023113... tons

How many cubic yards of small rock are in 22.50 tons?

there is about 1.25 yards to a ton,so 22.5 tons would be approx 18 yards

13 tons equals how many metric tons?

A metric ton is 0.907185 of a ton. That gives you 11.79 metric tons.

How many short tons are there in a metric ton?

1 ton (metric) = 1.1 tons (short).

How many tons are there in 1metric ton?

1.10231131 short tons in one metric ton (tonne).

How many short tons in a metric ton?

1 metric ton is 1.1 short tons.

How do you convert tons of rock to square yards?

This depends on how much rock you will use per square yard. Suppose you intend to use 1/100 tons (=20 lb) per square yard. Then if you have one ton of rock, it will cover 100 square yards. Similarly, if you intended to use 1/50 tons per square yard, 1 ton will cover 50 square yards. In general you want to use factor labeling: If you are using x tons per square yard, then write this as (1 square yard) / (x tons of rock) = (1/x)*(square yards/tons of rock) This is called a conversion factor. Now, if you have some quantity of rock, say y tons of rock, and you want to see how many square yards it would cover you just multiply (y tons of rock)*(1/x)*(square yards/tons of rock) = y/x (square yards*tons of rock/tons of rock) = y/x square yards since the labels just divide out.

How many pounds are there in 2000 tons?

There are 2000 pounds in one ton. Therefore, 2000 tons is equal to 2000 x 2000 = 4000000 pounds.

16 Metric Ton how many ton?

A long ton weighs 2,240 pounds A short ton weighs 2,000 pounds 16 metric tons weighs 15.747304 long tons 16 metric tons weighs 17.636981 short tons Short tons tend to be used in the US, long tons in the UK and elsewhere.

How big is a 10000 ton rock The recent meteor that hit Russia is said to have been 10000 tons not 10 tons?

A good estimate for the density of rock is about 1.5 tons per cubic meter. For a 10,000 ton rock this would give a volume of about 6,700 cubic meters. If the rock is spherical the diameter will be roughly 23 meters or 75 feet. This is close to official esitmates fo 65 feet for the object. Given the magnitude of the explosion, claims that the Chelyabinsk meteor was 10 tons are absurd.

How many US tons are in a metric ton?

About 1.10231 US tons per metric ton.