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Gunny, Planning your outlet location requires following a couple simple rules. You need to have one every 12 feet of runnning wall space and one for every 2 ft of usable wall space. You usually find those in between closet doors etc, it does not count the space behind doors. You also consider usable wall space 1ft high as in under windows etc. After that, you can put them anywhere you want them to figure in to the rules. They are meant to be convenience items and placed as such. Hope that helps.


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Q: What is the correct way to figure out the location of outlets in a room?
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In a room, the maximum distance between duplex outlets is usually 12 feet. Too much distance between outlets can make it difficult to plug in all of the necessary electrical devices in a room.

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What if lights do not work but outlets work?

You probably blew the breaker for the lights. While usually the lights and outlets in a room are on the same breaker, it isn't always done that way. And you may have blown the light bulbs in the lights.

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