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The term is "agua mineral."

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"agua mineral" or "agua con minerales".

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Q: What is the correct way to spell mineral water in spanish?
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How do you spell mineral water?

The correct spelling is "mineral water".

What is correct - medical or medicinal mineral water?


How do you spell water?

That is the correct spelling of most uses of the word "water" (H2O).

How do you spell water in Spanish?

El aguaAgua - el agua.

How do you spell thursty?

The correct spelling is thirsty (needing water).

How do you spell guyser?

The correct spelling is "geyser" (a spout or eruption of water).

How do you spell pore as in poor a glass of water?

The correct spelling is "pour"

How do you spell the spanish word that means water?

(El) agua (pronounce it as AH-gwah ) = the water.

How do you spell amphains?

The correct spelling is "amphibians" (animals that live on land and in water).

How do you spell arctic ocien?

The correct spelling of the body of water is the Arctic Ocean.

How do you spell ocean?

You spell oceanic exactly as it appears in the question, oceanic.

How do you spell dehighdrated?

The correct spelling is dehydrated (dried, or lacking in bodily water or fluids).