What is the cosmos?

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The cosmos has a similar meaning to the words 'universe' and 'world', however the true definition of cosmos is that it is a spiritual force that exists within the human mind enabling vivid dreams, imagination, curiosity and creativity. This is a spiritual connection with the physical existence of 'the cosmos' which remains hidden somewhere in the universe. Man is not capable of discovering it just yet.

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What is a sentence with the word cosmos in it?

That cosmos is amazing! This is a sentence with the word cosmos in it!

What is the plural of cosmos?

Cosmos or cosmoses

What is French name for Cosmos caudatus?

Scientific name: Cosmos caudatusFrench name: Cosmos à légume, Cosmos sauvageEnglish name: Wild cosmos, Ulam raja

What is the scientific name for the Cosmos flower?

Cosmos bipinnatus is the scientific name for the Cosmos flower.

Where is the Cosmos Public Library in Cosmos located?

The address of the Cosmos Public Library is: 209 Milkyway Street S, Cosmos, 56228 0068

What is the scientific name of cosmos?

Cosmos bipinnatus

How do you use cosmos in a sentence?

cosmos is a word

What is is the opposite of cosmos?

The opposite of cosmos is microcosm.

What is the scientific name of the cosmos plant?

The cosmos plant is of the Genus Cosmos with about 20-26 species.

Is cosmos the same as galaxy?

No. 'Cosmos' is another word for 'universe'. The cosmos contain millions of galaxies.

Is the Verizon cosmos 2 a smartphone?

No, the original LG Cosmos or the LG Cosmos 2 is not a smartphone.

Is a cosmos flower annual or perennial?

cosmos are annuals

What is the scientific name for the Garden cosmos?

cosmos binnatus

What do you call cosmos flower in Hindi?


What country did the word cosmos come from?

"Cosmos" is from Greek language.

Is the cosmos touch a smartphone?

the cosmos touch is not a smart phone.

When was Cosmos Bank created?

Cosmos Bank was created in 1906.

What is the population of Cosmos Bank?

Cosmos Bank's population is 2,000.

What is Cosmos Bank's population?

The population of Cosmos Bank is 2,010.

When did Cosmos Rossellius die?

Cosmos Rossellius died in 1578.

When did Canberra Cosmos end?

Canberra Cosmos ended in 2001.

When was Canberra Cosmos created?

Canberra Cosmos was created in 1995.

How tall is Christopher Cosmos?

Christopher Cosmos is 6' 1".

How many portuguese stars are there?

As you know, stars are only relevant in its cosmos. The home cosmos, there are hundreds. In the international cosmos, not a lot.

What is the phone number of the Cosmos Public Library in Cosmos?

The phone number of the Cosmos Public Library is: 320-877-7757.

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