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Pickles and lemons have a sour taste What types of substances are in pickles to give them this sour taste

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Q: What is the cost of 1kg of gherkins?
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How much does 1kg of iodine cost?

it cost 4$

How much does 1kg of cement cost?


How much does 1kg diamond cost?


Are pickles and gherkins the same thing?

A gherkin is a specific type of pickle. So, all gherkins are pickles, but only a small percentage of pickles are gherkins.

1kg cost of titanium?

1500 per kg

How much does 1kg of sugar cost?

Sainsbury's supermarket sells 1kg of granulated sugar for 98p here in the UK.

Why do McDonald's put gherkins in their burgers?

The reason why McDonalds put gherkins in their burgers is because, with you the gherkins, the burgers would be classed as a dessert due to the high levels of sugar in their burgers.

How much does pig food cost?

£150 per 1kg

Why do you have gherkins in burgers?

Apparently, Mcdonald's put gherkins in their burger because their burgers contain so much sugar, if they didn't put the gherkins in the burgers, they would need to class them as desserts! Maybe this is the same reason everyone else puts gherkins in burgers!!

What is the meaning of Gherkins?

Gherkins are a kind of cucumber. Simply enough, their name comes from 'Gerk', the Dutch for cucumber.

If 1kg bananas cost R7.00 and 3kg bananas cost R20.00 how much would 6kg cost?


If a 1kg bag of oats cost 0.80p how much would a ton bag cost?

It would cost £800.

What is the viscosity of pickled gherkins?

Pickled gherkins would not have a viscosity since viscosity refers to a liquid's resistance to flow.

How much is the cost of gold from 1kg -100kgs in Ghana?

1000000 usd

What is the cost of 5kg at 9p for 1kg?


What are small pickled cucumbers?


What rhymes with Gherkins?

merkins, jerkins

How much cost 1kg quicksilver?

i am not for sure .. but if i am right 1kg quicksilver costs about 50k to 70k Euros or 80k to 92k US. Dollar $

Which is heavier 1kg or 700g?

1kg = 1000g

Why are gherkins in glass?

I think it is because gherkins are usually in an acid of some sort (vinegar) that would re-act with other containers.

Why are gherkins called wallies?

Its a eastend term

Where Are gherkins grown in new zealand?


How much did 1kg of sugar cost last year?

Last year sugar cost about $2 per kg

Which is the heavier 100g or 1kg?

1kg, because it equals to 1000g.

Which denser 1kg of gold or 1kg of copper or 1kg of ironwhy?

1kg of gold.