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I Would like to know the whether 14k is for gold or is it 14c for diamond

its just the change of one character but finally it may result in huge change when the cost is calculated.

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Q: What is the cost of A 14k diamond ring with a blue stone and 32 diamond chips?
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What is less expensive sapphire or diamond?

Stone for stone, a diamond will cost more than a sapphire.

How much for a 12 karat round diamond cost?

Today at Blue Nile, you can spend from US$553,000 to US$1,159,000 for a stone of about this size.

Is more a blue diamond or a red diamond?

A red diamond will cost you more than a blue diamond, given that all other characteristics of the stones are equal.

Approximate cost of a one-carat blue diamond?

A natural blue diamond is a rare diamond and will be very pricey. In April 2010, a five-carat vivid blue stone was auctioned in Hong Kong with estimated bidding to range between US$4.6-$5.8 million. In May 2009, Sotheby's Geneva auctioned a 7.03 carat, internally flawless, fancy vivid blue stone for US $9.48 million. Read more about these stones, below.

How much does a half carat princess cut diamond cost?

You can buy a stone like this from Blue Nile today for a little more than US$500.

How much does a 1.5 carat diamond cost?

You can buy a round cut stone of this weight today from Blue Nile and spend from US$5,400 to US$6,300.

What is the average cost of a 3 stone ring?

One the Diamond Nexus website, the average cost of a three stone diamond ring is around $1,200. The average cost of a three stone ring with other gems added, such as emerald, ruby or sapphire is slightly lower.

How much 16 CRT diamond stone cost?

You can buy one today on Blue Nile, a little smaller than 16 carats -- 15.67 -- and spend a little less than US$1,000,000 for the stone.

How much does a .25 diamond cost?

You can purchase a diamond today from Blue Nile and pay between US$242 and US$416, depending on the quality of the stone. The higher quality diamonds of this weight will cost you from US$450 to US$786 when buying from the same vendor. Then you'd have to purchase a setting for the diamond.

How much should a 13 carat diamond ring cost?

You can buy a diamond about 13 carats from Blue Nile today and spend between US$535,000 and US$1,763,000. Then you'd pay for the metal setting for this stone.

How much do black diamonds cost?

Black diamonds generally cost less, stone for stone than a comparable white diamond. The exact price of a black diamond will depend on the size, cut, carat weight and visual desirability of the stone. A local jeweler can show you options.

How much does it cost to cut a diamond?

The cost of this expertise depends on the raw stone you present, or the instructions you give to a diamond cutter to re-shape the existing cut of a gemstone.