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Actually in the US is the cost of sand is about $11-13/Ton.

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Q: What is the cost of sand by the ton?
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About how much does a ton of sand cost?

eighty dollars a ton?

How much does a ton of sand cost?

depends on what kind of sand you want. Prices can vary from $15 to $30.

1 m3 sand to ton?

1 m3 sand to 1 ton

How many cubic meter in one ton of sand?

It will depend on type of sand ie fine,medium,coarse one cu mt per ton of sand will range between 1.4 ton to 2 ton

How much does a 50kg bag of cement cost in South Africa?

how much does a bag of cement and 1 ton of building sand cost in south Africa

What does a ton of frac sand cost?

Depends on what type of frac sand. White, golden or brown. White at the well head - $300+, golden and brown - $150-250

How much area does a ton of sand cover?

A Ton

How much does 1 cubic tonne of sand weight?

1 ton, but I don't know whether that's a short ton or a long ton. A cubic ton is a measurement of volume (i.e. how much space it takes up). A cubic ton of sand is how much space a ton of sand takes up. A cubic ton of timber is how much space a ton of timber takes up, and as timber is lighter than sand, a cubic ton of timber is larger than a cubic ton of sand, even though they both weigh the same. As for the volume of a cubic ton of sand, I have no idea. You could get a rough answer this way: "m" divided by "d" where m =one ton in whatever units you are using (e.g. kg) and d = density of sand (in the same units)

How many pounds in a ton of sand?

2000 lbs in a ton. Short ton (US)

How much weight per ton of sand?

One ton.

What is the price per ton for fracturing sand per graduations?

price per ton 40/70 fracturing sand

What is the weight 1 ton of quartz sand?

1 ton of quartz sand weighs 2,000 pounds, and oranges are colored orange.

How many kilograms of dry sand in one metric ton?

1 metric ton = 1000 Kg It doesn't matter if it is dry sand, wet sand or anything else. A 'metric ton' is often just called a 'tonne', to distinguish it from the other two types of tons (British ton and US ton).

3 ton sand equals how many ton?

Three tons.

How much is a ton of sand from lbs?

a ton of anything is 2000 pounds

Square feet in a ton of sand?

The answer will depend on how thinly the sand is spread.

How many kilograms of sand make one ton of sand?


How do you work out how many squared meters a ton of sand will cover?

one ton of sand covers about 100 square feet which is about 9.3 square meters.

254 square ft with 2 inches of sand how much sand do you need?

about 4.8 ton of sand

Is a ton off sand heaver than a meter off sand?

That depends under the right conditions a cubic meter of sand can weigh exactly the same a ton, however this can change depending on the type of sand ot the amount of water in it.

If a ton of coal costs 30 dollars and a ton of coke cost 25 dollars what will a ton of firewood cost to?


What can be 1 ton?

Well a ton is 2,000 lbs. So probably a small car can be a ton. Or you have have 1 ton of rock,soil, sand.

How much does monazite sand cost per ton?

The Price of monazite sand varies based on its constituents, especially the percentage of Thorium and Cerium. For example, with a Thorium content of between 0.5% and 3%, Monazite sands can cost between $8 to $12 per gram from many African Countries.

How much is a ton of sand?

2000 lbs

How much sand is in a ton?

2000 pounds