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It costs about $35 per every kilogram and about $250 per 100 grams.

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How much does tungsten cost?

Tungsten costs $35 for one kilo.

How much does tungsten cost per gram?

how much the 1 gramm tungsten

What does tungsten cost?

tungsten costs $35 per one kilogram when used in the industry or it costs $250 per 100 grams when taken in small chunks

How much does one ton of tungsten cost?

Ferro tungsten is fairly variable in price. During the past year the price has varied from $55000 to $44000 per metric ton

What is the composition of tungsten?

Tungsten is an element and so is composed of tungsten atoms

What metal is used in lamp filaments?


Is tungsten magnetic?

Tungsten is not Magnetic :(

Symbol of tungsten?

Tungsten is W

Does tungsten have an odor?

No tungsten does NOT have an oder.

Can tungsten dissolve?

can you dissolve tungsten

Is tungsten flammable?

Tungsten is NOT flammable.

How much does tungsten cost per pound?

Last time I checked it was around $1983 per pound

What is ore of tungsten?

Tungsten is found in wolframite (hence why the Germans called tungsten wolfram).

What are the substances in tungsten?

There are none, tungsten is a pure element so it is made of only tungsten.

Is tungsten an isotope?

Tungsten is a natural chemical element; but tungsten has natural and artificial isotopes.

Is tungsten tougher that tungsten carbide?

No. Tungsten is an element, where as tungsten carbide is an alloy, or a mixture of elements (tungsten, nickel, tantalum, niobium, titanium, and chromium). Tungsten carbide is much easier to work into styles and designs, but does not change the hardness of the metal.

Could you give a motto with tungsten?

We should be strong as tungsten heavy alloy,tough as tungsten carbide.This is the motto of China Tungsten Online

Is tungsten a mineral?

Yes tungsten is a mineral.

What is the chemical sign for tungsten?

sign for tungsten?

What is the classification of tungsten?

Tungsten is classified as a metal.

Is tungsten a semiconductor?

Tungsten is really a semiconductor.

What is the molecular formula for tungsten?

The chemical symbol for Tungsten is W. (Tungsten is also known as Wolfram.)

Value of tungsten?

Tungsten is not a precious metal, and therefore isn't sold as a commodity such as gold or platinum which always have price per troy ounce. This being said, the value of tungsten comes in the application to which it is formed. As a wedding ring or as a drill bit, it will largely depend on the man hours or cost of machinery to develop it.

Why was tungsten called tungsten?

Tungsten was originally called wolfram, from the German wolframite. It was changed later to tungsten, from the Swedish words tung sten, or heavy stone.

How do you identify Tungsten?

Tungsten is heavy and fragile . Pure tungsten metal should be in dark grey color, tungsten metal usually use in industrial for filament and making steel. Another important part for tungsten is the tungsten carbide, usually use in jewelry. Tungsten carbide jewelry are in bright silver color, it's made from the 85.7 tungsten carbide and together mixed titanium.