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It is a public peace offense, where it says free text, the clerk is supposed to enter something more specific but did not.

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States what the subject does is or has in a sentence

Who serves in absence of the president of the senate

To try to influence the votes of legislatures to try to get a bill passed

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Q: What is the court term public order free text mean?
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What does a co zt court order mean?

What does a CO ZT court order mean in court

What does the ZT mean in the court order of CO ZT?

Co zt court order mean

What is the mean of official order or court ruling?

official order or court ruling

What does issuing a court order mean?

A court order is, as the name implies, an order issued by a judge.

What does order of entry mean in court?

what does order of entry mean for states

Do free churches have altars?

Yes. when you say free do you mean public?

Are transcripts from court available to the public?

Sort of. Normally court transcripts are considered part of the public record, and you can go to the courthouse and request copies (there's usually a copying fee involved). However, for some court cases, the records are "sealed". Depending on the jurisdiction, this might mean anything from "you can view them if you get a court order specifically unsealing them" to "the court destroys them completely."

What does free text mean in a court document charge?

This is the instructions that are given to the FBI agents. It is used in order to accurately fill out the record of arrest.

What does it mean to amend a court order?

It means that a lawyer has returned to the court that issues the order and presented reasons why the court should change the content of the order. If the court agrees, the order is amended (changed) by the judge who originally issued it.

What is the postponement of the excution of a sentence?

Stay of executionFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaA stay of execution is a court order to temporarily suspend the execution of a court judgment or other court order. The word "execution" does not necessarily mean the death penalty; it refers to the imposition of whatever judgment is being stayed.

What does the word mandamus mean?

Mandamus is basically a legal term that orders a public authority or corporation to do something or to stop doing something. The mandamus is given by a court order.

What does payments received pursuant to court order mean?

Exactly what it says - payments received because of/as a result of, a court order.

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