What is the cpt code 62282?

Codes 62280 -- 62282 describe injection of neurolytic substances, with or without other therapeutic substances, when destruction of a nerve or nerve root is indicated for pain control. For spinal injection procedures performed with no associated diagnostic study, 76005 is also reported. Code 76005 describes the localization of the needle tip to ensure that it is placed exactly into the targeted area of the spine. CPT code 76005 is reported by spinal region and not by spinal level.5 (Code 76005 does not represent a formal contrast study such as those represented by RS&I codes 72240, 72255, 72265, 72270, 72275, 72285, and 72295. Fluoroscopy is considered an inclusive component of these RS&I codes, and code 76005 should not be reported in conjunction with them.)