What is the crime rate in Copenhagen?

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What is Copenhagen?

Could be several things : * Capital of Denmark (and until 1814 also of Norway). Founded in the late viking age (not 1167 as most dictionaries state), and becoming capital (i.e. the permanent of the King) in the mid 15th century. * A theatre play about the unsuccessful attempt of German scientist ( Full Answer )

Where is Copenhagen?

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark, a small country in Europe to the north of Germany. It is located on two Islands : Zealand (the bigger one) and Amager (the smaller one) The capital of Denmark has these coordinates : 55° 40′ 34″ N, 12° 34′ 6″ E It's bridging the east ( Full Answer )

What were the crime rates in the U.S. in the 1800s?

This book might help. I'm linking you to page 15, which discusses trends (but does not have the actual numbers for the 1800s): http://books.google.com/books?id=5W3iYkk9TrMC&printsec=frontcover#PPA15,M1

What is the crime rate in Romania?

ask a more detailed question. crime has many forms, murder, theft, Islamic terrorism, etc.. See for example at http://www.insse.ro/cms/files/pdf/ro/cap22.pdf.. 12% of cyber-attacks on the U.S govenrment come from Romania. LE by Bacx: the felony rate is 15,76 %. Which means that out of 100 people, ( Full Answer )

What country has the most crime rate?

The United States' crime rate is the highest with 11,877,218 "reported" crimes annually. This may have more to do with the amount of law enforcement than with the actual number of crimes commited in per country.

What is the crime rate in London?

The London Police Service does not post percentages on their site.However, in London in 2013, there were seven homicides, 7,978 casesof simple theft, and 288 cases of sexual assault.

What is Nigeria's crime rate?

The country of Nigeria has a very large crime rate. Since 2007 the crime rate was recorded to be 9/10 stores get robbed per day which means the value of crime in nigeria is 43

Crime rate in Denver?

55 million 92% percent of people commit crimes......even 90 year grandmas break stuff. It's america.

What is the crime rate in Pakistan?

Please chek the following website, you will know the crime rate in Pakistan and also crime rate in all the provinces of Pakistan. http://www.criminology.edu.pk/CDP.htm

Aboriginal crime rate?

Cause they can get away with it easier there is a slacker crime sentence for them. go to Ahttp://www.australian-news.com.au/abocrime.htman. if you do its appaling

What is crime rate?

The crime rate is the number of crimes reported to the police per 1,000 of population..

What is a crime rate?

the rate of a crime in a certain area based on rape, murder, assaults, etc.

What is Topeka KS crime rate?

Topeka Kansas has a higher-than-average crime rate....but compared to a city such as St. Louis, it's relatively low.

Country with highest crime rate?

These are countries with the most crimes commited with their crime rate.. But Iceland is the highest crime rate (14,000 crimes per 100,000 people) COUNTRY POPULATION CRIMES PERCENT OF POPULATION. UK 65,000,000 6,524,000 10% (highest of most crimes) Germany 83,000,000 6,507,000 8% Canada 34,0 ( Full Answer )

What causes crime rate to increase?

Crime rate is increased by lack of education , poverty and sometimes people are left with no option other than commiting crime. They are actually decreasing. Yes, they do alternate up and down over the years but overall they are declining.

What are the Crime rates?

UK Crime Statistics, Have a look Where your town ranks? The link below shows where towns in the UK rank for crime..intresting if you thinking of re- locating. i found it usefull anyway.

What is the crime rate in India?

its not at bad as you think...if you steal they will chop off your hands...that pretty much keeps the crime rate down.

Crime rate in Pakistan?

Crime rate has increased 20.1 %from last year.which is ofcourse an sad thing.where are law enforces and goversment .are they here ?Are they not serious ?Why?if it remained same we specially youth has to take any strong step.last option is do or die....................................?

What is the crime rate for Memphis tn?

It depends on specifically what you want to know. Memphis ranks in the top 2 or 3 every year for high crime rates. Try an internet search for "morgan quintno safest cities."

What can you do in Copenhagen?

Copenhagen is known for the historical buildings and architecture. The oldest one is inside the city, the newest one is in Ørestad (take metro towards Vestamager). In Copenhagen are a lot of small cafees and bars. Copenhageners LOVE to go to these cafees to drink fancy coffee like cafe latte or e ( Full Answer )

What is crime rate in UK compared to crime rate in US?

Britain has a higher crime rate than the US. About 60 Britains could fit in the US, and the US has about 5 timesa higher population than Britain so of course the crimes would be ahigher number, but when you put it too even weighings, Britainwould have a higher crime rate. Britain is 11% crime rate ( Full Answer )

What is the crime rate in Jamaica?

Using FBI standards - which define serious crimes as murders, rapes, robberies, assaults, burglaries, larcenies and vehicle thefts - Kingston had reports of 718 such incidents in 2008, down 6.3 percent from the 2007 total of 766. In 2006, the number was 854. The number of reported serious crimes in ( Full Answer )

What is haiti's crime rate?

11.7 per 100000. According to the UNODC, which stands for (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime) and PAHO who also operate in Haiti both say the murder rate in 2003 stands at 21.3 homicides per 100 000 residents. The info is an estimate, since the government is extremely corrupt and the poli ( Full Answer )

What is the Crime rate in Karachi?

Dozens are killed every day in target killings, countless mobile phones are robbed every hour, and kilos of drugs are sold every minute in every part of Karachi. In other words, really, really high. Don't go around Karachi without a semi automatic pistol atleast.

What is the crime rate for Hudson Florida?

Due to the lag between reporting and processing the statistics these MAY be the most recent available. See: http://www.clrsearch.com/RSS/Demographics/FL/Hudson/Crime_Statistics. You can also try running a search engine search on PASCO COUNTY FLORIDA

What is the crime rate in Vatican City?

The crime rate in the Vatican is one of the highest, if not thehighest, in the world but the majority of the crimes are pursesnatching and pickpockets perpetrated by criminals who come fromRome to prey on the tourists. The high crime rate is due to there being only about 455 RESIDENTSof Vatican Cit ( Full Answer )

Is the crime rate low in Spain?

you can say the crime rate is lower than Americas crime rate. so i guess that the crime rate is lower

What is causing crime rate to increase?

poverty is causing the crime rate to go up. We try to fight crime and violence when poverty is the main influence. it is all the governments plan check out educate-yourself.org

What is there to do in Copenhagen?

Since you write 'do' rather then 'see' some suggestions could be: 1} Experimentarium (Science 'museum') 2} Tivoli (Posh amusement park in center) 3} Bakken (Amusement park to the north) 4} Indoor Go-cart track (e.g. in Kastrup : 'City Gokart') 5} Ripley's Odditorium 6} Copenhagen canals ( Full Answer )

What is the crime rate in France compared to the crime rate in Australia?

Australia's most recent homicide rate is 1.45 murders for every 100,000 people. France's figure is 1.59 homicides per 100,000.. On overall crime statistics, France ranks no. 4 on the per capita scale, but Australia is not even listed on the Nationmaster crime statistics. New Zealand, a much smaller ( Full Answer )

What is the Amish crime rate?

Most crimes are not reported, it imposable to even give a estimate, or even give a good guess! Because the Amish do not have as many legal and illegal vices, I believe from some of my own limited few experience with them, there are less minor misdemeanor crimes. But from what I have heard as rumor ( Full Answer )

How to reduce the crime rate?

EDUCATION! Parents who provide moral responsibility to their children, teach them right from wrong and supervise them is where you start. Then, you close the borders, ship all the illegal immigrants home, impose severe punishments from the beginning to stop repeat offenders and make tangilble goods ( Full Answer )

Which country had lowest crime rate?

Japan has the lowest crime rate, with Singapore a close second, the highest crime rate is the USA The highest crime rate is not the USA because Britain has a higher percent of crimes for the population. The population of the US is 311,000,000 and Britains population is 70,000,000. America's cri ( Full Answer )

What is the crime rate for Buckinghamshire?

There were 94 felonious killings recorded by coroners' courts in Buckinghamshire over the period 1373 to 1389. This out of a total population for the cont of perhaps 100,000. That makes the annual murder rate 7.2 per 100,000 for the county seven centuries ago. The penalty for murder then was hanging ( Full Answer )

What is St. Louis crime rate?

St. Louis has a very high crime rate compared to the rest of the USA. The murder rate is 37 per 100,000 people. and the larceny theft rate is 6800/100,000. In other words: 1 in 15-20 people in St. Louis will be a victim of larceny theft per year.

Is crime rate high in Australia?

Yes it is, Non-whites frequently get attacked by groups of young gangs. It is also not advisable to walk alone at night.

What is the crime rate in Nepal compared to the crime rate in US?

Crime rate in Nepal is nothing in comparison to US. We can't sayNepal has no crime at all but still it's very less if we compare itwith the US. Most of the crime happens with politicalmotivation.Most of the gang leaders were supported by the politicalparties, so they don't hesitate to commit crime a ( Full Answer )

What is the crime rate of Svalbard?

There is basically no crime in such a remote region. Polar bears have already killed more people than people ever will up there.

Why does London have the highest crime rate?

Due to the economic difficulties, crime has been encouraged. Another factor could be the alcohol and drugs problems there are among some people which cause them to commit crime to be able to afford which of the two they are addicted to.

What is the average rate of a crime lawyer?

The rates charged by criminal defense attorneys varies by region of the country, type of crime being defended, and the lawyer's experience and prestige. Some lawyer's will provide pro-bono services to criminal defendants, while others will charge over $500 an hour.

Where can one find the top rated Copenhagen hotel?

Cophenhagen hotel rankings can be found through travel agencies, like Expedia or TripAdvisor and through customer review sites like Yelp. Consumer advocacy groups can also be helpful. For example, U.S. News and World Report, in conjunction with Trip Advisor, ranked CPH Living Hotel Copenhagen among ( Full Answer )

What is the crime rate in Manzanillo Mexico?

The crime rate in Manzanillo, Mexico is 1.1% which is the lowest in all of Mexico. The name Manzanillo refers to the city as well as its surrounding municipality in the Mexican state of Colima.

What was the crime rates in 1860?

In 1860 the crime rate varied quite considerably between countries. Furthermore, within each country it varied greatly between different parts. Since you have not bothered to indicate which part of the world you want the information for, I cannot provide a more useful answer.