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5.3 L is 323.4271 cu in


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"cc", in discussions of motors, refers to "cubic centemeters" , which is a metric measure of engine displacement. American cars and bikes still refer to "cubic inches" of engine displacement.

Displacement is the engine size in cubic centimeters.

There are several horsepower options for 366 cubic inch General Motors engine. The largest General Motors horsepower option was 420 horsepower.

In cubic inch displacement or cubic centimeter displacement or HP (horse power).

Cubic inches of displacement in reference to a car is the volume of the cylinders in the engine in cubic inches. In most American muscle cars, part of the name refers to the displacement of the engine in cubic inches, for example the Chevrolet Chevelle SS454 has a 454 ci engine and the Oldsmobile 440 had a 440 ci engine.

CC is the metric displacement value of the total engine cylinder volume. For example: American engines measure this in cubic inches, so an old 350 cubic inch small block translates to 5.7Litre. The conversion is basically 61.4 cubic inches of displacement = 1Litre.

A 2.4 liter engine has a displacement of 146.457 cubic inches or 2400cc

cubic centimeters. it is the displacement size of the cylinders. Cubic Centimeters of displacement, or air/fuel moved through the engine in one complete revolution of the crankshaft.

cubic centimeters. its a measure of engine displacement.

Cubic inch displacement./ cubic inches.

Displacement of the engine in Cubic Centimeters

displacement in cubic centimeters

2200 cubic centimeters or 135 cubic inches

Cubic inch or cubic centimeters are used as a measurement of the total combustion area displacement of the vehicles engine.Displacement is how engine size is determined.

Horsepower is a measure of power. Typically it is used to rate motors and engine power capability. Cubic inches is a measure of volume. From the context, this most likely refers to engine displacement (sum of all cylinder displacements). There are other factors than just displacement that determine a particular engine's horsepower capability, however.

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