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if what you mean to say is... IDENTIFY THE CELLULAR COMPONENTS OF BLOOD... then red corpuscles (erythrocytes), platelets (thrombocytes),(these work withint he blood) and five types of white corpuscles (leukocytes). these tend to move around outisde of blood

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What are the components of biology?

the components are plasma, platlids, white blood cells, and red blood cells. These are all components of the blood

Is an archaebacteria single cullular?

Yes, the archebacteria are single cell organisms.

Name the different elements components of blood?

what are the different components/ elements of blood

What are the components of blood-?

There are five components of blood. The components are red cells, white cells, platelets, plasma and agglutination.

What are the four blood components?

The four blood components arered blood cellwhite blood cellplasmaplatelets

Which blood components leave the blood vessels to become a part of the lymphatic system?

human blood components

Does blood have an expiration date?

Deffinitely.Laboratories/Blood banks have strickt regulation on every aspects of handling blood and blood components. These regulations includes:- screening and selection of donors,- Collecting blood,- appropriately preparing and storing blood and blood components,- testing and labelling of blood and blood components,- releasing, packing, storing, and transporting blood and blood components,- transfusion services.

What are the names of the four components of blood?

4 components of blood: Red blood cells, White blood cells, Platelets and Plasma

What are the four major components of blood?

The four major components in blood are: -Plasma -Platelets -Red Blood Cells -White Blood Cells

What components are in blood?

The components of blood are plasma (liquid portion), platelets (blood clotting), erythrocytes (RBC), and leukocytes (WBC).

The cellular components of blood include?

Cellular components include..... Platelets, White blood cells, and Red blood cells.

What are the four main components of blood?

it is cirulation... ^WRONG. the COMPONENTS of blood are plasma, red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets :) ** peopleshouldlearntoread.

What blood components would be used to repair an open wound?

which blood components would be used to repair an open wound? which blood components would be used to repair an open wound?

What are the different components of blood give function of each of them?

What are the different components of blood give function of each

Why is the use of blood components in a blood transfusion more efficient?

Use of blood components is a more efficient way to use the blood supply, because blood that has been processed (fractionated) into components can be used to treat more than one person.

What are two main components of blood?

It can be split into four main components: red blood cells white blood cells platelets plasma

What are the cellular components of blood?

the cellular components of blood are:- 1. Red blood cells / Erythrocytes 2. White blood cells / Leucocytes 3. Platelets / Thrombocytes

What is the four components of blood?

The four components of human blood are red cells, white cells, platelets, and plasma.

What are three components of the cellular portion of blood?

Three components of blood are: 1. Red Blood Cells. 2. White Blood Cells. 3. Platelets. Plasma is also a component of the blood.

What are the major components of your blood?

red blood cells , platelets

How does exercise effect a persons blood and the components of the blood?

it dosent.

Which components of blood help in clotting?

white blood cells

What is replacement blood donation?

Replacement blood donations are usually requested by blood collection facilities following the use of blood components by a patient. This will help assure adequate blood components are available to the community when needed.

Components of transport system in human being?

The main components of the transport system in human beings are the heart, blood, and blood vessels.

What are the components of blood and their functions?

Components of blood:- platelets, plasma, RBC and WBC. Function:- Blood transports gases, nutrients, water, wastes to and from all the cells of the body.