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The current Linux kernel version is 3.9.

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2013-05-06 00:11:45
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Q: What is the current full- featured version of Linux?
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What is the current full featured version of the Linux kernel?

All versions of the Linux kernel are "full featured." The latest stable version of the Linux kernel as of May 17, 2011 is

What is the current full features version of the Linux kernel?

3.4.4 is the latest stable release .

What is a full feautured application?

A full featured app is the same thing as a full version of a game instead of the lite version. The full version app has all levels and no more ads. So enjoy! :)

What command prints the full name of the current day in Linux?

date -u +%A

What is full form Linux?

There is no "full form".

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The full version of Minecraft relies on having a full Java install, and is therefore not able to run on mobile devices. The full version of Minecraft is supported on Mac and PC, with partial support for Linux operating systems.

How do you download and install Full featured Debian Linux?

Simple. You just download an ISO image off of Debian's website, burn it to a CD, and boot your computer from it. All versions of Debian are "full-featured", though the Minimal CD can be used to install only a base system and whatever additional packages you want.

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What is the full form of Linux?

Linux is the full name of the kernel. It was created as a combination of the phrase "Linus' Unix", after the original author, Linus Torvalds.

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There is no full version/non full version...

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What is the full form of LTT?

Linux Trace Toolkit

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