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Worldwide, it may be as low as less than 2,500 and as much as 16,000 to 20,000 individuals. The wide discrepancy is due to several facors, including its secretive anture, and the confusion with other species seen. This is based on the article noted in the related link below:

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What does IUCN mean that are declaring red pandas are endangered?

when the IUCN declared the red pandas an endangered species it means that the red pandas population is dying out...

Why are the red pandas historic population unknown?

It is difficult to know the wild population of wild red pandas because they are secretive and nocturnal. It is estimated at there are at least 10,000 individuals in the wild.

How long have red pandas been considered endangered?

Red Pandas were added to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species in 2008. There is an estimated population of about 10,000.

What are the kinds of pandas?

There are giant pandas and then the unrelated red pandas.

How many red panda are there?

Red Pandas are classified as vulnerable. There is no reliabe number for the total population.

What was the highest population of a red panda?

the ihhgest poppulation of red pandas was over 550 red pandas that are lopcated in south west china nd th e eastern himaliyas

What is the current population on the red wolf?

the current population is about 400, including those in captivity.

What is the difference between red pandas and black and white pandas?

red pandas are red and black and white pandas are black and white

Are red pandas actually red?

Red pandas are a reddish brown.

Are red pandas rare?

Yea red pandas are one of the most pandas endanger

Are red pandas a panda at all?

Technically, yes red pandas are pandas. In fact they were the very first pandas. The other pandas were named after it.

Are red pandas mammals?

Yes, red pandas are mammals.

Are red pandas sexual or asexual?

What the heck are red pandas

Are baby red pandas endangered?

Red pandas are endangered.

How do red pandas hibernate?

Red pandas do not hibernate.

Are pandas bigger than red pandas?

yes are much much bigger then red pandas but pandas are known better

Do local zoos have red pandas?

some of them have red pandas but red pandas want to be in the wild not in a little artificial habitat.

What is the red panda's population?

About 10,000 individuals, in the wild and zoos.Red pandas are an endangered species. There are only around 2500 red pandas left in the wild today. They are often killed by traps set for other animals.

How Many red panda's are in the world?

The last I read, there is an estimated population of less than 2500 mature red pandas.

Do red pandas live with the giant pandas?

No Red Pandas live in North America and Giant Pandas live in Japan or China

What is a red pandas favourite food?

Like giant pandas, red pandas primarily eat bamboo.

What two kinds of pandas are there?

There are Giant Pandas and Red Pandas.

What types of pandas what are endangered?

Giant pandas and Red pandas.

Are pandas red at all?

Yes. Red Pandas are sort of Auburn.

What are red pandas preditors and prey?

what are red pandas preditors and prey

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