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I have found them listed on the net for $100.00 - $160.00. All of these have been without the standard 4x scope. I purchased one at auction last night for $165.00 with scope in good condition. Kind of missed the one my dad had when I was a kid. Make sure the internal sling is ther and in working order, an inovation not seen on many rifles and a hell of a good idea.

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βˆ™ 2005-03-07 00:49:03
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Q: What is the current value of a J C Higgins model 31 22 cal rifle in fair condition?
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What is the current value of a jc Higgins model 31 semi automatic rifle in mint condition?

$100 to $125

What is value of j c Higgins 22 cal rifle model 25?

The value of a JC Higgins 22 caliber rifle model 25 depends on its condition. This gun in excellent condition is valued between 100.00 and 165.00 as of 2014.

What is the value of a JC Higgins Model 31 .22 rifle?

About $150-$200, depending on condition.

What is a model 38 JC Higgins 22 rifle worth?

Higgins rifle in caliber 22LR will run you about $95 to $150 depends on condition. Check for more info...

What is the value J C Higgins model 29 22 rifle?

depending on condition 100 bucks

What is the value of a model 799 19051 JC Higgins bb rifle?

This air rifle. (If I'm right) looks like a Winchester 30-30 lever action saddle rifle. It was made by Daisy air guns for Sears under the JC Higgins name. it's a Daisy model "1894." Without more information about the current condition of the rifle it is not possible to give an estimate of value.

Who Manufactured the JC Higgins Model 31 rifle?

The JC Higgins Model 31 rifle was manufactured for Sears and Roebuck by Hi Standard.

What is the value of a j c Higgins air rifle model 799192?

Used air guns are just like used cars. The current condition determines the price. You have not given enough information to get an estimate of value. You need to describe it. State if it is still working. Give some kind of estimate of the current condition. Your BB rifle was made by Daisy for Sears under the JC Higgins brand name. The model number is 799.19200

What is the value of a JC Higgins model 101.16 .22 rifle?

Your rifle was made by Savage/ Stevens/ Springfield. Depending on condition, they sell for around $125.

How old is a JC Higgins model 103.229 22 caliber rifle?

A JC Higgins .22 caliber rifle, model 103.229 is about 55 years old as of 2014.

Does the JC Higgins model 41 rifle use 22 long rifle?


What is Diana model 16 bb gun worth?

It all depends on the current condition of the Rifle.

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