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What is the curse of the goat on the Chicago Cubs?


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The Curse of the Billy Goat, or Billy Goat Curse is the name of an urban myth, superstition, used to explain the World Series drought that Major League Baseball's Chicago Cubs have had to endure since their last appearance in the 1945 World Series, and their last World Series championship in 1908. The curse is a classic example of a scapegoat. As the story goes, Vasili "Billy Goat" Sianis, a Greek immigrant who owned a nearby tavern (the now-famous Billy Goat Tavern), had two 7.20 USD box seat tickets to Game 4 of the 1945 World Series between the Chicago Cubs and the Detroit Tigers, and decided to bring his pet goat, Murphy (or Sinovia according to some references), with him. Sianis and the goat were allowed into Wrigley Field and even paraded about on the playing field before the game before ushers intervened. They were led off the field. After a heated argument, both Sianis and the goat were permitted to stay in the stadium occupying the box seat for which he had tickets. However, before the game was over, Sianis and the goat were ejected from the stadium at the command of Cubs owner Philip Knight Wrigley due to the animal's objectionable odor. Sianis was outraged at the ejection and allegedly placed a curse upon the Cubs that they would never win another pennant or play in a World Series at Wrigley Field again and left the States to vacation in his home in Greece. The Cubs lost Game 4 and eventually the 1945 World Series, prompting Sianis to write to Wrigley from Greece, saying, "Who stinks now?" Following a third-place finish in the National League in 1946, the Cubs would finish in the league's second division for the next 20 consecutive years. This streak finally ending in 1967, the year after Leo Durocher became the club's manager. Since that time, the cursed Cubs have not won a National League pennant or played in a World Series --the longest pennantless drought in Major League history. Sianis died in 1970. The Billy Goat Curse In 1945, William "Billy Goat" Sianis tried to bring his pet goat, Murphy, with him into Wrigley Field for Game 4 of the World Series. Ushers at the game said the goat was too smelly and told Sianis he had to leave. To retaliate, Sianis cast a "goat curse" on the Cubs by saying, "Cubs, they not gonna win anymore". The Cubs lost the 1945 World Series to the Detroit Tigers and haven't made it to a World Series since.


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In 1909 there was a person who went to the world series w/ a billy goat. The people who worked there in Wrigley didnt allow the goat to come in the stadium so he/she put a spell on the cubs to never win a world series again

Cubs (curse of the goat) and Red Sox (curse of the Bambino)

In the 1918 World Series, the Boston Red Sox defeated the Chicago Cubs 4-2. After this the Red Sox's Curse of the Babino started with the financing of Babe Ruth. The CHicago Cubs also began their Curse of the Billy Goat.

The Chicago Cubs never won a world seires, but the played in the world series when Eriene Banks was on the cubs (lost to the Red Sox)

The Chicago Cubs were apparently afflicted by the "Curse of the billy goat," in 1945, and immediately after lost the next 12 consecutive games. After each loss, the team grew more convinced that they were cursed, and tried a bit less each time.

There are several good books on the Chicago Cubs. One is "The Complete Chicago Cubs: The Total Encyclopedia of the Team" by Derek Gentile. It provides a great overview of the Cubs. A more recent book release is "Da Curse of the Billy Goat" by Steve Gatto. This book about the history of the infamous Billy Goat Curse that many fans believe prevents the Cubs from winning a pennant. A third is the "Wise Guide Wrigley Field." Pocket-sized, funny and useful look at the experience of attending Wrigley. Includes area restaurant and bar guide

It was actually the Chicago Cubs

That was in 1909 and the Chicago Cubs have been over powered by the Chicago White Sox ever since.

The curse had nothing to do with the Chicago Cubs. The Curse of the Bambino evolved around the Boston Red Sox, and it lasted 84 seasons (1920-2003).

The animal in question was a goat. His owner had purchased a ticket for himself and the goat and ballpark officials had the goat removed because the smell bothered the other patrons. As goat and owner were leaving, he put a curse and the Cubs that they would never win another World Series, a curse that has to this point been upheld.

Gil Bogen has written: 'Johnny Kling' -- subject(s): Baseball players, Biography, Chicago Cubs (Baseball team), Jewish baseball players 'The billy goat curse' -- subject(s): Baseball, Chicago Cubs (Baseball team), History, Superstition

The curse of the Billy Goat was supposedly placed in 1945, the last time the Cubs were in the World Series. You can read more about this alleged curse by clicking on the link in the related link section.

the course of the billy goat is a course on the Chicago cubs in 1909 a man wanted to bring his billy goat into a cubs game but they didn't leat him so he coursed the cubs and said they would never win anthor championship again

The started in 1945 when a man brought his goat into the stadium during the first round of the world series. He was later kicked out by Mr. Wrigley himself because people were complaining. When he was leaving the man and i quote said, " The cubs ain't going to win no more, the Cubs will never win a World Series as long as the Goat is not allowed in Wrigley Field. The Cubs ain't gona win no more, The Cubs will never win another

The curse of the goat began on Feb 27, 2004

The Cubs have won the World Series twice, in 1907 and 1908. Since then, they have failed to win a World Series, hence the term "The Curse of the Billy Goat."

The Chicago White Sox were never cursed by the Billy Goat. It was the Cubs and that happened in Game 4 of the 1945 World Series vs Detroit Tigers

the Chicago cubs song. GO CHICAGO!

Chicago Cubs was created in 1870.

The Cubs were founded in Chicago and have always been a Chicago team.

Mike Quade is the manager of the Chicago Cubs

Chicago cubs founder - William Hulbert

The Chicago Cubs started in 1876-present

You can find the Chicago Cubs schedule on the Chicago Cubs Official website. The link to the schedule is in the related links section.

Some people like to say that the Cubs have the curse of the billy goat. But in truth, there are no real curses, just poor players, poor coaching, poor management, etc. that have produced the longest championship losing streak in pro sports. One of these years, just maybe they'll put it all together and finally make it happen.

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