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That question is impossible to answer as each priest has his own, distinct roles and responsibilities. That is like asking 'What is the daily regime of a teenager?'

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Q: What is the daily regime of a Catholic priest?
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Related questions

What is the difference between a Jesuit priest and a Catholic priest?

A Jesuit priest is a Catholic priest. A Jesuit is someone who is a member of the Society of Jesus, which is a religious order in the Catholic Church.

Can a Catholic priest marry after retired?

No. Once ordained, a Catholic priest is always a priest and thus can not marry.

Where can one find an image of a Catholic priest?

One can find images of a Catholic priest on Yahoo's official website under the image option. One can also find images of a Catholic priest on the Catholic Priest official website.

Can a Catholic priest get married?

No, a Catholic priest may not get married. However, a Catholic priest may be married if he was a married member of the clergy of another religion (Anglican, Orthodox, etc.) and converts to Catholicism and becomes a priest.

Can an episcopal priest that is married ever become a Catholic priest?

Yes, an Episcopal Priest can become a Roman Catholic Priest with the approval of the Pope.

Would it be fine to include climbing cliff blocks in my daily fitness regime?

I wouldn't know if it would be fine to include climbing cliff blocks in your daily fitness regime. You would have to go online to find out if there is a daily regime.

Do you capitalize Catholic Priest or only Catholic?

only Catholic

If you're baptised does it mean you are Christian?

No, it depends on the confession of the priest who baptized you. If he is a Catholic priest, you are a Catholic, an Orthodox priest - Orthodox...

Can a Catholic priest marry and have children?

No! However if they are already married and then become a Catholic Priest in the case of Anglican Priest that converted to Catholism.

Who can say a Catholic Mass?

A bishop or a priest presides at a Catholic Mass.A Catholic priest which includes Bishops, Cardinals, and the Pope.

When did Thomas Bell - Catholic priest - die?

Thomas Bell - Catholic priest - died in 1610.

When was Thomas Bell - Catholic priest - born?

Thomas Bell - Catholic priest - was born in 1551.

Can a Roman Catholic priest be married?

No. Technically though, a Roman Catholic priest IS married to the Church, the Bride of Christ. Another technicality is that an Episcopalian priest who converts to Catholicisim can be ordained as a Catholic priest even if he is married.

Who was the first Catholic Priest that was married?

St Peter, the apostle, was the first Catholic priest who we know of that was married.

Can a resigned Catholic priest marry?

A priest who resigns is considered to have resigned from the Church itself and is no longer considered as a Catholic. Since he is no longer Catholic he is free to do as he pleases. However, a priest can remain in the Church as a Catholic if he is laicized. To be laicized the bishop of the diocese would have to declare the priest's Holy Orders as null and void. In other words, he would no longer be a priest. He, too, would be free to marry but would still be considered a Catholic.

Can a priest be female?

A catholic priest cannot be female.

What is a Catholic priest title?

the priest is called a father

Is Tony Blair a priest in the catholic church?

Tony Blair, the former British prime minister, is not a Catholic priest.

Can a woman and a Catholic priest be friends?

Yes, a catholic priest can have a woman as a friend as long as it is strictly a platonic friendship.

Can a Catholic priest have a business?

No a Catholic priest cannot have his own business unless it's approved by the Arch-Bishop.

How do you became a Catholic priest?

Catholic Answer Contact your parish priest. He will inform as to what is necessary and issue you the recommendations, if he thinks you qualify.

When was Walter Elliott - Roman Catholic priest - born?

Walter Elliott - Roman Catholic priest - was born in 1842.

When did Walter Elliott - Roman Catholic priest - die?

Walter Elliott - Roman Catholic priest - died in 1928.

Should a parish priest be married?

It depends on what kind of parish. If he is Catholic, then no, he can not marry because he is already "married" to mother church. However, if he is an Ipiscable priest and is married, but deciedes to become Catholic, then he may be a married Catholic priest.

Can a Ukrainian Catholic priest remarry?

Whether his first wife dies or divorces him, a Ukrainian Catholic Priest, or any other married Eastern Catholic priest may not remarry. If they choose to do so, they ordinarily forfeit their ministry.