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That Colt challenger was made in 1952.

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What is the year of manufacture of Remington model 12 seria number 718875?

1928, it will be date code stamped on the barrel. See the Manufactured Date page on the Remington Society of America for details.

Does the seria desert cover 13 of the continent africa?

No, there is not such thing as the "seria" desert.

What does 'seria' mean in Spanish?

It means serious. But if it's talking about a girl it would be seria, if it's talkin bout a boy it would be serio.

What is an opera seria that Mozart wrote?

The Italian seria (drama) opera in two acts 'Idomeneo'.

Which does NOT characterize opera seria?

Plots drawn from Greek antiquity were the basis for numerous examples of opera seria.

What is 'seria' when translated from Italian to English?

"Serious" is a literal English equivalent of the Italian word seria. The word functions as a feminine singular adjective. The pronunciation will be "SEH-rya" in Italian.

How many times inter won the seria a?

Inter Milan have so far won 16 Seria A titles.

What is 'seria' when translated from Italian and Spanish to English?

"Serious" is an English equivalent of the Italian and Spanish word seria. The word serves as the feminine singular form of an adjective. The pronunciation will be "SEH-rya" in Italian and Spanish.

How old is your shotgun seria 107582v?

You have to give a manufacturer or trade name and model before the serial number will tell you anything.

What year is a 1894 Winchester seria?

Impossible to say without you providing a serial number to your Winchester model 1894 rifle.

What is the value of a Browning 12 gauge shot gun serial number B35878?

Impossible to value a weapon with just the seria number and lack of details given.

What is the difference between opera buffa and opera seria?

Opera Buffa is a comedic opera.Opera Seria is a serious opera.One is "serious" (seria)or dramatic opera, while the other has "comic" touches (buffa) and is lighter in style.

What year is a mariner outboard motor with seria number 3397452?

Along with the engine serial number, the horsepower rating is needed to detemine the year model for a Mariner outboard.

What is the spanish word seria?

'It/she/he/you(formal) would be'

What actors and actresses appeared in Seria um Erro - 2013?

The cast of Seria um Erro - 2013 includes: Patricia Zalewska as herself

What are the ratings and certificates for Giorgi Saakadze - 2 seria 1943?

Giorgi Saakadze - 2 seria 1943 is rated/received certificates of: Finland:K-16

What is opera seria?

18th century dramatic opera. Apex

It will be nice to meet you in spanish?

Seria un placer conocernos

How did opera buffa and opera seria compare and contrast?

opera buffa was funny but rude opera seria was serious but nice and i hate my life because i need to write an essay on tihs

What actors and actresses appeared in La casa es seria - 1932?

The cast of La casa es seria - 1932 includes: Imperio Argentina Lolita Benavente Carlos Gardel

What are the 2 kind of Classic Opera?

Opera Seria and Opera Buffa

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