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Q: What is the datee of the constitution of the US if Florida?
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Is Florida constitution longer than US Constitution?

yes, Florida's constitution has 57,000 words and the US constitution has 7,000 words

What do both the US and Florida constitution?

Both the US and Florida constitution both have a framework of the rights of its people.

What are the differences between the Florida Constitution and the US Constitution?

The US Constitution will cover the whole country. The Florida Constitution will only be applicable to those that live in the state.

What are similarities between the US Constitution and Florida's Constitution?

both are a constitution. both have constitution. both have laws.

How are the US Constitution and the Florida constitution different?

floridas constitution is like any other constitution. the difference for the us constitution is that the laws are made forth for every one to follow.

Is Florida a limited or unlimited government?

The US constitution limits the power of government in the US.

What happens If a provision in the Florida state constitution conflicts with a provision in the US Constitution?


How many articles did the Florida constitution have?

The Florida Constitution had and still has 12 articles.

If Florida's state legislature calls for a constitutional convention must the voters approve of calling the convention?

With regards to the Florida Constitution, the short answer is no. There is no means for the Florida legislature to call for a constitutional convention. A constitutional convention can only be called by the people IAW Article IX Section 7.4 of the Florida Constitution (revised 1968). The Florida legislature may directly amend the Constitution by a three-fifths vote of approval of each house. With regards to the US Constitution, each State's legislative body is authorized to call for a constitutional convention to amend the US Constitution. If two-thirds of the legislatures agree, the convention may be convened. There is no method for the people of a State to call for a convention to amend the US Constitution unless a State legislative body uses a binding public referendum as the means to poll the public on the topic.

Why didn't Florida represenatives sign the constitution?

At the time the constitution of the United States was signed, Florida had not yet become a state in the union. The constitution was ratified in 1788, Florida became a state in 1845.

Does a legal marriage in Louisiana transfer to Florida if it would be considered an illegal marriage in Florida and you were a Florida residents at the time of a punative marriage?

If the marriage is legal in Louisiana, it is legal in Florida. This is guaranteed by the US Constitution. You might want to consult an attorney for specifics.

How are the jurisdictions of Florida courts determined?

They are listed in the Florida state constitution.

Where was the 10th amendment signed?

It was not signed. The first 10 amendments are the same age as the US Constitution. THAT was signed at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia PA. PS- to the person that answered Florida- Florida was not part of the US in 1789. You need to study.

What is the purpose of the Florida constitution?

One purpose of the Constitution of the State of Florida is to lay out the structure of the state's government. Other reasons for the constitution are to clarify the duties and powers of the government, and establish the basic laws of the land.

What does the constitution contain?

what does the us constitution contain? what does the us constitution contain?

Does Florida have a constitution?

Yes, each state has its own individual constitution, but they all comply with the United States constitution.

How does the british constitution differ from the US Constitution?

british constitution differ from the us constitution is that they dont have rule

How does the British constitution differ from the US?

british constitution differ from the US Constitution is that they dont have rule

Which element of the Iroquois Constitution is least like the US Constitution?

The element of the Iroquois Constitution that is least like the US Constitution, is that it gives political power to women. The US Constitution does not.

What is the difference between the US Constitution and the Washington State Constitution?

the us constitution goes across the hole us wile Washington constitution is only

What year did Florida ratify the constitution?


How many words are there in the Florida constitution?


When was Florida's first constitution written?


What was the problem with the US Constitution?

Is there a problem with the US Constitution?

Who handwrote the US Constitution?

who handwrote the us constitution