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Spontaneous emission of ionizing radiation as a consequence of a nuclear reaction, or directly from the breakdown of an unstable nucleus; The radiation so emitted; including gamma rays, alpha particles, neutrons, electrons, positrons, etc

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Q: What is the definition for radioactivity?
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The term radioactivity is further explained by the use of a what?

a definition

Is this true radioactivity and radioactive decay are two distinct phenomena?

True and False. Radioactivity is a characteristic of unstable atomic nuclei, whereas radioactive decay is the process that a radioactive nucleus undergoes when it decays due to its instability.Argument for true: Radioactivity is the tendency to undergo radioactive decay.Argument for false: The two terms are unrelated because one is a characteristic and the other is a process, and, therefore, the question misunderstands the definition of the terms.You choose your definition. This writer prefers false.

What is the best definition of half life for a radioactive substance?

The time taken for the radioactivity to halve its intensity, starting from any arbitrarily chosen instant.

How does radioactivity affect the water cycle?

Radioactivity affect the water molecules. Radioactivity makes it harmful

Advantages of nuclear radioactivity?

What other sort of radioactivity is there?

What are examples of radioactivity?

For example natural and artificial radioactivity.

Radioactivity can be what?

Radioactivity can be induced in ordinary matter by artificial transmutation.

Do you messure radioactivity in literes?

You cannot measure radioactivity in litres

How much radioactivity is in Japan?

Radioactivity in Japan is about 15,000 terabecquerels.

What is the power formula for radioactivity?

Human + A lot of radioactivity = Dead

Can copper be converted into gold by artificial radioactivity?

Artifical radioactivity

When did Marie curie build radioactivity?

no but she built the knowleage of radioactivity.